Run App Fail

Good Morning Peeps!

I took yesterday off from blogging to attend/host a morning coffee at my youngest kiddo, Meredith’s, school.  I signed up to be Mer’s room mom this year, which unbeknownst to me, is quite the task.  Aside from hosting a coffee to draw in volunteers and collect classroom dues, I will be in charge of consistent emailing throughout the year between myself, the teacher, and the class parents.  I also have to put together gifts for the teacher and coordinate parties.  Luckily, I have a partner in crime to share the responsibilities- thanks Wendy!  

Phew, it’s going to be a busy year!

Moving onto this morning’s run- let’s talk about day 2 of Week 7…

Workout:  This morning was supposed to be a repeat of day 1/week 7k- warm up walk for 5 minutes, then run your tail off for 25 minutes.  Well, it’s no secret that I’m not at the 25 minutes-straight-run yet.  But, after such a successfully timed run on Tuesday, and a wonderful nights’ sleep, I figured today would be a piece of cake.  

Sooo, I paced myself pretty well in the beginning, running for the first 12 minutes without stopping, and then taking a brief walk break, and picking it back up again.  I took one more short walk break before heading up the hill and sprinting back to my house.  I felt pretty good- tired, but good.  I hit the stop button on my Runkeeper app and nearly fell over.  It claimed I only ran 1.76 miles for 22.32 minutes…. say what?!    Yesterday, I ran the exact same route, but the app claimed I ran 2.44 miles in 20.23 minutes.  I was baffled.  Talk about a major slap in the face.  Check it out:

Screenshot_2013-09-05-10-38-32 Screenshot_2013-09-05-10-38-44


After examining the lines on both routes, I noticed Tuesday’s route was very jagged and strange looking.  I can only assume it was some malfunction with the connection that caused it to record the run so wonky.  Jeez, thanks Runkeeper.  Way to hit somebody’s ego- haha.  Alright, guess I just need to work a little a lot harder to improve those times.  I don’t think 2 miles in 20 minutes should be a problem- Just gotta kick it into gear!    

Breakfast:  When I got back in from my run, Dennis was already heading out for work.  I was excited to see the dish of scrambled eggs and bacon waiting for me under a plate- still warm.  🙂  Thanks dah-ling.  I also had a fresh cup of coffee and immediately dug into a ripe banana.  Want to hear something gross?  I was so hungry I bit into the banana, and before I could swallow the bite, I dug into the eggs…  Eggs + bananas= disgusting.  Don’t try it.  I still can’t believe I did that- ew.  



After such a busy day yesterday:  with the morning coffee, lunch with Dennis(we had an early lunch at 59 Diner), picking Colette’s contacts up at JCPenney Optical, and taking the girls to rhythmic gymnastics in the evening; it’s going to be a nice and easy day today.  I have some library books due, that need to be returned, and some laundry to finish… that’s it.  Ahhh.  And best of all, tomorrow is Friday!  Yay!  


  • Ever have a tech fail while running?  One that made you think you did better than you actually did?(Grrrr)
  • Banana Eggs, are you a fan?- haha!

Have a fan-flippin-tastic Thursday!





7 thoughts on “Run App Fail

  1. Yes I actually have had that problem with that app!! I switched to Nike+ Running about 2 years ago. I haven’t had a problem with it yet. Funny thing. I actually enjoy bananas in eggs….However I mash up the banana, add a few egg whites, cinnamon and stevia and it’s a nice pancake. Not the same as savory eggs with a banana bite though. YUCK!!

    • It’s so annoying isn’t it?! I am on the hunt for a better one, so thanks for the recommendation.
      Hmm, that banana-egg pancake sounds interesting, going to have to check that out. Ya, the veggie and cheese eggs w/banana was beyond gross!

  2. I hate it when my GPS on my phone cannot get a signal or stop working during my run or bike. So annoying! The worst is when my phone actually dies! 😦 I am a banana and eggs fan for sure!

  3. That is super annoying! You could always use Google Maps to determine your mileage. Or, I know this is old school, but you could also get in your car and drive your route.

    I was trying to wait for your blog post today so that I could tell you I nominated you for the Liebster Award, but you beat me to it, haha!

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