A Toast To Dad.

Good morning!

Just a quick post to fill you in on my fun, family-filled weekend…

The weekend kicked off with a trip to PetSmart on Friday with my girls.  We have been on a hunt for a doggy costume, and that hunt finally came to an end.  While we found plenty of adorable costumes in all shapes and sizes, there was a complete lack of anything ‘hot dog’ related, but we think we’ve struck gold anyway…

I bring you:  Henry, the bucking bronco!


I know, he looks excited, right?  Not as excited as Bun was to try on the back-up costume we bought…


Poor baby.  I think he secretly liked the ‘Woody’ costume though.  No worries Bun, it will be returned and you’ll never have to lay eyes on it again.  Henry wouldn’t even let us put his front legs through the holes, so Bucking Bronco it is.  🙂


On Saturday, Rachel drove out to my house to pick the girls and I up.  My car was/is sickly at the moment, so she was kind enough to make the long drive and shuffle us over to our mom’s house.   My sisters, mom, and I had plans to head out for a ‘ladies-only’ dinner and drinks night, while Colette babysat Mer at my mom’s house.


We took Shannon’s awesome mustang convertible, and had a blast riding in style on our way to Pappadeaux’s Seafood restaurant.



Hold on tight!

We arrived at the restaurant around 7:00 and had a 30 minute wait, so we decided to order drinks at the bar and sit outside to toast my dad and chat a bit.  We all had a fun time giggling and enjoying the cool (yes, cool!)  evening, until we were led back inside to be seated and order.  I ordered the stuffed crab and roasted asparagus- which was sooo yummy.  You can’t go wrong with Pappadeaux.  Ever.  After a couple more drinks, my mom was ready to head back to the house and get some sleep.  My sisters and I weren’t quite ready to turn in, so after dropping my mom back home with my girls, we headed to a nearby pub for some pool and more drinks.  We may have gotten just a little goofy:



Yes, we were using the 8 ball as a cue… Yes, I am wearing slippers that I oh-so-awesomely slipped on after my heels were killing me… Yes, I was perfecting the art of ballet-pool… that’s a thing, right?

We had a such a good time, and it was a fun way to honor my dad.  I know he was smiling and laughing with us (and at us).  😉


Sunday, however, was a bit of a let-down.   Dennis invited Jake and his fiance over for BBQ and football.  If you follow football, you know the Texans lost, thanks to he-who-shall-not-be-named… grrrr.

We did have good food however, thanks to Dennis’ BBQ expertise, and had a fun time catching up with family.


Don’t we look enthusiastic?  haha.

Maybe the next game will be better…?


  • What did you do over the weekend?
  • Watch any football?

Have a great Monday!



4 thoughts on “A Toast To Dad.

  1. Ugh my team isn’t doing so well, so I did not watch football. Plus I was in New York, so what I did was EAT, RUN, and EAT more. Basically all of my favorite things to do. The only thing that would have made it better was if I had gotten to shop, but I am trying to be better with sticking to my budget.

    I saw your pics on Instagram of the weekend and you looked so pretty!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan but my friend Jon is and I made the capital mistake of saying “Tony Romo is such a loser”. Oh dear God you’d think I insulted him… it was actually kind of funny to see him fired up about it. But he was deadly serious. Sounds like your girls-night out was awesome!

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