Consignment + Lunch Date

Good afternoon everybody!

I hope everyone is having a fun and productive Friday!   I had a lot of fun hitting a consignment sale with my good friend, Mimi, and having lunch with the hubs.  But first, let’s talk sweaty-

Workout:  This morning’s workout was a quick 16.22 minute run, for 1.44 miles, with an 11.04 pace.  I kept it at a short distance, because I knew I would be pushed for time today, but punched it up speed-wise, and only walked for a short, 1 minute.  It felt great AND sweaty!

Breakfast:  This morning, I bounced back to reliable old oats, of the pumpkin cheesecake variety, and enjoyed a cup ‘o coffee on the side.

In the bowl:  Oats, vanilla bean cream cheese, canned pumpkin, sprinkle of salt, 2 tablespoons of part skim ricotta, shake of cinnamon.  


I know it’s not the most appetizing of photos, but I’m telling you- that vanilla bean cream cheese makes everything taste better!

After showering and chatting with my sister Shannon, on the phone, my friend Mimi picked me up around 11:30.  We drove a couple of neighborhoods over, to my sister’s friend, Rebecca’s, house, and got down to business.  Every year, twice a year, Rebecca empties her house of all furniture, and moves in racks and racks of gently used boutique children’s clothing form area consignors.   They are some of the cutest clothes you’ve ever seen, and at a fraction of the price you’d pay for new.   She mostly carries baby through 6 yrs, so my kids don’t really benefit from the sale, but I promised Shannon I would pick up a few things for her little David and she’d pay me back.  Whatever she didn’t want or he couldn’t fit, she said she could just resale, so no harm, no foul.  Check out some of my loot:



Add in a pair of adorable cowboy pajama pants, and I only spent $73 for precious smocked baby clothes, that would have otherwise gone for $100’s.  That trout fish outfit was love at first sight, and when I sent the picture over to Shannon, we both squealed because it reminded us both of our dad.  He loved his fishing, and anytime I see something fishing related, I immediately feel the need to buy it.

Davey will look so cute in these!

After shopping, Mimi dropped me back home, so that Dennis and I could have a late lunch date together.  We headed over to Olive Garden for the soup/salad/breadsticks deal, and had a nice time chatting and stuffing ourselves full of bread.  Gotta love that!


Meredith has a sleepover at a friend’s house tonight, so it’s just me and my oldest.  Dennis is back to work for a late night.

 Hope you all have a safe, fun weekend!




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