Park Run

Good morning!

Just a quick post to let you all know who survived 2 miles in the park today… me!  Actually it was 2.19 miles, and no, I didn’t run the whole thing, but it sure feels good to include ‘myself’ and ‘2 miles’ in the same sentence…

Workout:  After a lazy, rainy weekend without any real exercise, I decided I needed to kick start my week with something different and fun.  After getting the girls off to school, I threw on my running shoes and drove a few minutes up the street to a county park.  I figured the giant loop around the park would give me no excuse to cut my run/walk short.  I started with a good stretch and a five minute warm-up walk.  I hit start on my run app, and gave it a good 8.5 minutes of running.  I took a 2 min walk break, and started back up for another 5 minutes of running.  Another walk break(this one nearly 5 minutes) and a bit more running, before slowing down for an easy walk back to my car.  The weather was awesome- cool, breezy, and overcast.  It felt great!  And best of all:  2.19 miles, 29.38 minutes, 13.32 avg.  Not a great avg, but there was a LOT of walking in there.  I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I want to go back to the park for my run days from now on.  🙂

Breakfast:  Now for the downside of my morning… my kitchen was lacking in the food variety department, so I ate a super sweet bowl of Pop’s cereal and a banana.  I know, not very healthy, but I’m just keeping it real, Peeps.


I have some major grocery shopping to do today(obviously), and a library visit.  I will say, it’s nice to be able to get out and about after such a torrential downpour over the weekend.  Houston was hit with a huge storm and several inches of rain all day Friday and part of Saturday.  Dennis and I went out for dinner on Friday night (not our brightest moment, but the margaritas were calling) and were nearly stranded in the parking lot.  I had to pull my flip flops off and ‘wade’ to the car.  Seriously though, the water was up to my knees.  It was crazy, but we survived and made it home safely.  Phew!


  • Did you get hit with any of the extreme weather over the weekend?

After checking the radar, the same system that hit Houston, stretched all the way up to Canada!  Nuts right?!

I’m off for food- enjoy your Monday!






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