Poppin’ Bloks

It’s hot ya’ll!

Houston got hit with a much needed bout of rain yesterday, and it’s been off and on all this morning as well.  With the rain, comes the elevated humidity- yay.

However, the rain didn’t stop this girl from hitting Hobby Lobby yesterday.  I treated myself to an hour long stroll through the holiday department, soaking in all of the adorable Halloween, Thanksgiving, and (yes)Christmas decor.  I know, it’s too early for Christmas, but I couldn’t help myself.  I also treated myself to a late lunch of crispy chicken salad and iced coffee from McDonalds.  Not the healthiest stop, but it sure tastes great when you’re starving.


I wasn’t sure I would get a run in this morning, but luckily there was a lull in the rain, so on went the shoes and headphones.  I also packed a little something extra:


Cliff shot bloks are little energy chews that tastes like yummy fruit snacks, and come in multiple flavors.  Runners generally take them on long runs, to break out as needed for extra fuel.  Well, I’m no marathoner, but I thought maybe a little sweet incentive, might help motivate me, and trick my mind into keeping my feet going.  What the heck, right?  I figured it was worth a shot.<–unintentional pun!

So, after an early cup of coffee, and one energy chew down the hatch, I headed out the door with determination to beat my 17-18 minute long average runs this week.

I think it did help, even it was just a mental thing.  I made it for 13 minutes, before taking a 2 minute walk break, and popping a second chew.  I don’t know how runners chew those things while puffing hard, because I felt like I had glued my mouth shut- haha.  Not easy.  I caught my breath(without choking), and started back up.  I ran another 4 minutes, stopped to cross the street and walk up the hill(about a minute)and picked it back up to finish in front of my house.  I ended with a total of 21.41 minutes, 1.75 miles, and 12.22 avg min/mi.  I wish I wouldn’t have stopped the second time to cross the street, but I’m pretty happy with that.  I want to switch my route up a bit as well, because having it end when and where it ends, cuts my time short.  I’d like to push myself a bit more, to really see how much endurance I have(even if I have to stop 5 times, it would be interesting to try…)

Breakfast:  Not much of a breakfast going on today.  I think between all of the coffee caffeine and the two energy chews, my appetite is kind of- blah.  I did enjoy another Larabar- chocolate coconut flavor.  Not my favorite flavor, but it works.


Alright, I’m off to shower, and head over to a friend’s house.  We have plans to do a little shopping.


Any big plans for the weekend?

No big plans for this girl.  Just running the kids around.  Hopefully it’s a rainy, relaxing weekend.  Ahhhh.

Enjoy your weekend!





9 thoughts on “Poppin’ Bloks

  1. I’ve never tried the shot bloks before, but I like the way you think! Anything to give a little extra incentive. I know you are supposed to refuel if you run an hour or more, so I’ll definitely have to figure something out for half marathon training. Maybe I will try these!

  2. I haven’t had that Larabar flavor yet. I am not the biggest coconut fan, it really depends on how strong it is. More of a straight chocolate fan. This weekend is going to be low key. It is exactly what I want! 🙂

  3. It’s interesting, even when I was training for a half I never used any sort of fuel…probably a bad idea! Off to a food truck festival today! You know you’re a foodie when the highlight of your week is a food tuck fest 😉 Have a great weekend!

  4. Hello!
    Just wanted to say “hi” and thanks for checking out my blog 🙂
    When I was training for my second half, I decided to try the Shot Bloks. I tried the Cran-Raspberry ones and loved them but they did not work for me! I love GU chomps!!!

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