Weekend of Fun

Good morning!

I hope you all had a fun weekend!

Before I get into the weekend’s events, I want to share some exciting news- My cousin Jake is getting married!!  He announced to friends and family, that he and his girlfriend Weiwei will be tying the knot sometime in October.  They are planning a quick wedding at the court house here in Houston, and a bigger wedding in Weiwei’s native China.  So excited for them!  Congratulations to you both!  🙂


Alright, on to the weekend…

Mine started with an early Saturday morning bike ride.  After all of the sprints and longer runs last week, my shins were paying the price.  I woke up Friday morning with what can only be described as sore bones.  It literally hurt to touch my shin bones.  So after a little research on shin splints, I found that running on them is a bad idea.  I took Friday as a rest day, and decided rather than sit around and do nothing on Saturday, a bike ride sounded like a fun way to get some exercise in.

I forgot how fun bike riding can be, and before I knew it, I was done with my 3.49 mile ride in just under 22 minutes.  Fun!

Saturday’s fun didn’t end there.  The girls and I headed north for my nephew, Noah’s, 10th birthday party at Main Event.  If you’ve never been, Main Event is an indoor bowling, gaming, laser tagging, pool playing mega plex, complete with stadium style food and a full bar.  It’s a lot of fun.  Dennis had to miss for work, but I had a good time visiting with my sis-in-law, Jenny, my mother-in-law, Sharon, and Dennis’ aunt Diane.


The birthday boy!


Myself, Diane, Sharon

Jenny made Noah a yummy double-layer cookie cake that was enjoyed by all.


Ohhh yeaaahh


On Sunday morning, I woke abnormally early, and decided to get the girls up as well and head out for another bike ride.  Dennis headed off to the Texans game, so it was just me and my girls.   I convinced them to come on the ride, with a little donut bribery.  I told them we would take the long ride to Shipley’s donuts and I’d buy them each a couple of donuts and chocolate milk.  It worked, and we headed out.


We had a good time, but unfortunately Mer’s bike chain kept popping off the track, which was more than a little frustrating.  Luckily, after the second time it popped off, a nice police officer pulled over to help get it back on ‘the right way’, and the ride went smoothly after that.

On our way home, we stopped at a local elementary school playground to cool down and play around a bit.


Once we got home, Meri declared that we needed to go to the pool and really cool down, so we threw on our suits and headed out again(this time by car) to hit the pool.


It wasn’t long though, before the sky closed in on us and ominous, dark clouds rolled in…


We packed up and headed home expecting a nice downpour, but were left with not a single drop. 😦

Come on Mother Nature, we need the rain!


Now, let’s skip to this morning’s workout, shall we?

Workout:  After taking 4 days off from running, this morning’s run was less than stellar.  I ran for a total of 17 minutes, with two short, two minute breaks.  My legs felt heavy and tired, and my right shin still felt a little sore.  I think in order to help keep my legs from getting so sore, I’m going to keep my sprints on the grass rather than the hard pavement, and focus on my form as well.  Hopefully that will help alleviate any further pain/damage.  Fingers crossed!

Breakfast:  I threw together a bowl of oats with frozen strawberries, slivered almonds, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  It’s like chocolate covered strawberries with a bit of crunch!  So good.  


Alright ya’ll, I’m off to the grocery store.  I plan on shaking up my breakfast a bit, and getting out of my oatmeal rut.  I can’t help it, I love oats!  🙂

Have a great Monday!



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