Why Are You My Clarity?

Good morning/afternoon!

Today is kind of a weird day, considering I just ate a bowl of chili with a cup of coffee for my breakfast…er, lunch.  Whatever.  Like I said, weird.

Workout:  This morning’s workout started with a good, long stretch.  I took my time and downed a small bowl of cheerios and a ton of water.  By the time my food was settled and I made it outside, it was around 8:30 am.  I set my phone timer for 30 seconds and got on my mark.  I completed 4 sprints, (recovering for 2 mins in between each) gradually building to full speed by the last one.  I loved it!  I will say, my quads were VERY sore from Monday’s sprints, and the arches of my feet even felt a bit sore.  Those sprints are working my muscles like crazy.

I’m going to bump my number of sprints up to 6 next week, and build from there.  I just hope my neighbors don’t think I’ve completely lost it.  I must look like a total nut, bolting up and down the street like a mad woman.  😉

Brunch:  After completing the sprints, I wanted to head indoors for a core workout, but Colette sent me a text begging me to run her math notebook up the school.  Gah!  She’s usually really good about being organized, and remembering homework, so I didn’t really mind doing her the favor.

After running Colette’s notebook to school, I figured ‘why not run to the bank too?’  Which then led to, ‘why not run to Walmart and grab the mascara I need?’  So, after spending waaay too much time in Walmart (because why not check out all of the Halloween and Autumn decor?), I finally made my way back to the house and was starving… again.  Hence the late breakfast, early lunch meal-


I reheated a bowl of turkey chili I threw together the night before.  It’s a recipe from myrecipes.com, that I found by typing ‘healthy chili’ into the search box.  I wasn’t crazy about it last night, as I thought it kind of lacked in the flavor department, but this morning it was spot on!  The lime and poblano pepper flavors came together and the light and tangy tomato base was just right.  Much better the second day.  I highly recommend!

I also enjoyed a small bottle of HEB sports drink and strangely enough, a cup of coffee.  Hey, gotta get that caffeine in there!  🙂



Yeah, my Shipley’s mug is kind of worn out- don’t judge.


You may be wondering what the title of today’s post has to do with chili and sprints…  Well, you aren’t the only one.  I just threw that up there because I can’t get that darn song out of my head, and I wanted to share the love/earworm 🙂   I heard it at least twice in my car this morning, and it’s on my running playlist right now- It’s everywhere I tell you!

Well Zedd, just keep doing what ya do, cause it’s keepin’ this girl runnin’!  Lol.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is the official video to help you out.  Zedd’s pretty cute, right?

Check out the chili recipe here.

Have a great Hump Day!



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