20 Minutes of Running…? Week 5, Day 3

Good morning!  

Hope your weekend is off to a good start.   The last time I spoke to you guys, I was preparing to party it up with my favorite 8 year old, but I promise to get to all of that (and plenty of pictures!) on Monday.  Today is all about the longest run yet…

Workout:  Week 5, Day 3 of C25K consists of a five minute warm up walk, followed by 20 minutes of running.  That’s right friends, after Thursday’s 8 minute runs, we have immediately made a huge jump to one, 20 minute bout of torture.  Just kidding.  Well, not about the 20 minute part, but about the torture part.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, and I even seemed to get that run-high feeling about 15 minutes into the run.  It was a slow, not-so-pretty run, to start.  But, after slugging it out for 15 minutes, my high kicked in and I picked up the pace down the main street.  Once I hit the last hill up my street however, I stopped to walk up the hill and catch my breath for 1 minute, and then picked back up until I made it to my house.  So, I suppose, technically it was only a 19 minute run, but I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself.  Now I am seeing and feeling the progress!  It is daunting to think that that was still a little over a mile shy of a 5K, but I’ll get there.  

With all of the excitement about progress, I have been throwing around 5K race options recently- ‘should I do an October/Halloween run?  Or give myself some more time and shoot for a November Turkey Trot?  Or really prepare and opt for a Christmas/Jingle run?  Will the weather be to hot?  Too cold?  I have so many questions hanging around in my mind, but judging by my progress, I’m leaning more towards the November/turkey trot time frame.  I want to really have the time to prepare, and feel comfortable before heading into my first 5k.  It’s exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.   I can’t wait!


  • What time of year was your first 5k?  Was it a novelty fun run(i.e. color run, glow run, etc), or a timed race?
  • Did you run the entire race, or take some walk breaks?  

I have a guzillion other questions, but I’ll save those for another time (I could sit here all day asking questions- seriously!).  Here’s hoping for another great run on Monday!  (Which also happens to be the first day of school!!)

Have a great weekend!





4 thoughts on “20 Minutes of Running…? Week 5, Day 3

  1. Well done! Week 5 Day 3 is a real milestone. 🙂
    I’m planning to do a 5K park run as soon as I can, which should be around the end of September. They have them every week here, so I don’t have to plan it too much. I do want to get my first one done while the weather is fairly decent though.

  2. Yay!!! So proud of you girl!!

    I did my 5K in March, and it was a Race for the Cure. Best decision I could have ever made because it kept me training and working out. I think themed races are so fun! You should definitely sign up for one of those!

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