Crazy Run + A Surprise

Mornin’ ya’ll!

I am totally off my game this morning.  I seemed to have forgotten to snap a photo of this morning’s breakfast, as well as my run being a bit on the wonky side- let me explain.

Workout:  I am currently on Week 5 of C25K, and I suppose I have taken the weekly training schedule for granted.  I just assumed this week would be like all the previous weeks, same routine, for three days a week.  Well, apparently Week 5 is the beginning of torture training, because each day consists of a different interval routine.  Oops.  So imagine, here I am running along, thinking my five minutes is up soon followed by a three minute walk.  Well, after running, and running, and running, I finally looked down at the time left and saw I STILL had three minutes left.  I kept thinking- “Dang, this is taking forever”.  Yeah, I was obviously having a blonde moment this morning.  This was not a repeat of Tuesday’s run.  Here’s what I did:  5 min warm up walk, 8 min of jogging, 5 min of walking, 8 min jogging.  Once that last 8 min of jogging ended, I was expecting another torturous run, but thankfully it was over.  The humidity was especially high again, and I even got the dreaded side stitch from all that crazy breathing.  Not my best run, but it’s done.  I jumped ahead on my app schedule to see what Saturday’s run has in store, and let me just say- the creator of c25k must be nuts.  I’ll leave it at that.  🙂

Breakfast:  I wasn’t very hungry when I got back from my run, so I waited a bit before I reheated Dennis’ eggs and had a piece of cinnamon raisin whole wheat toast, topped with part skim ricotta and sliced banana.  That toast was so good- but sorry for no pic 😦

Yesterday was a BIG day for us over here.  I took Meredith for a surprise visit to Claire’s to get her ears pierced!  She’d been begging me to get them pierced for a while now, so I thought the day before her birthday party would be a good time to do it.  She had no idea what was going on until I told her to hop up in the chair and pick a pair of studs.  Suddenly she began to panic a bit and told me she wanted to get her ears pierced, just not ‘today’.  After pep-talking it up a bit, she finally calmed down and climbed back in the chair.  She picked a pair of crystal aquamarine studs, and she absolutely loves them!  Yay!



Now I’m off to clean house and prepare for tonight’s party!  Meredith is beyond excited!!

Enjoy your Thursday!




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