The End of Week 4 + Weekend

Good morning!

Let’s dive right into the exciting news shall we?  Week 4 is over!  I completed the final day of the week on Sunday morning!

Workout:  I had a late date night with Dennis Friday night, so opted for a Sunday run instead of Saturday.  It was the toughest I’ve ever fought to get out there and run, but ultimately I knew it had to be done, so I laced up and headed out the door at 8:00am.  Yes, 8:00.  In Houston.  In August.  I have to say, however, that since our little storm the other day, the humidity has been on the decline and the temps were in the 80’s- niiiice.


The best part?  I finished!  Week 4 is over, and now it’s time to move onto Week 5…  oh, boy.  I won’t say it was easy, even after repeating the week of intervals.  I still struggled on breathing properly, and my legs were tight and crampy at the end.  I did remember to stretch well, before and after, and I’m feeling confident about this week.  Fingers crossed Week 5 goes well!

Breakfast:  I’m going to jump around a bit now, and show this morning’s breakfast.  I opted for simple, since Dennis left for work extra early today and it was just me.  I tossed in some quick oats, a bit of brown sugar, slivered almonds, and a handful of frozen strawberries.  Yummy!


Now it’s time to jump back to the weekend and recap the fun.  You may remember Friday being a not so great day for me.  I was tired and grumpy, with the week’s stresses really getting me down.  Dennis sent me a text to pick a place for dinner(or whatever I wanted to do), to which I happily obliged.  After making arrangements for the girls, we headed out to the Mason Jar for drinks and dinner.


Mojitos!  I’d never actually had a mojito, so I was really taking a leap of faith that it wouldn’t be gross.  If you’ve never had a mojito, it involves rum, club soda, and mint- that’s it.  I was really impressed and loved the refreshing mint aftertaste.  Plus, the fact that it came in a large mason jar, just made it that much more awesome.  🙂

We decided an appetizer was in order, and chose the fried zucchini chips and mushrooms with dill and horseradish dipping sauce.  I normally try to stay away from a lot of fried foods, but that zucchini was sooooo good.  Combined with the horseradish… oh yeah.  Let me just say, there was nothing left in the basket by the end of dinner.


I was craving a burger, so I ordered the char-broiled jalapeno jack burger with sweet potato french fries.  Dennis chose a half rack of ribs with squash casserole and beans.




We had a great time, and two of those mason mojitos later, I was feeling good!

Saturday ended up being a trip up to my mom’s house on a whim.  I called her and asked if she was up for dinner after she got off from work- which she happily accepted.  Dennis had to leave for work, so the girls and I headed up north on our own.  We decided to have dinner at my mom’s favorite Tex-Mex restaurant- Gringos.


I decided going a little lighter this time around was a good idea, so I ordered the tortilla soup and fajita chicken salad combo.  Let me tell ya, that was the best salad dressing I’ve EVER had.  Nope, not kidding.  It was the perfect combo of sweet and tangy, and I loved it.  After dinner, we asked the waitress if she could get the dressing recipe for us.  I didn’t think she would, but she very kindly came back with a list from the cook.  She told us, that the cook said, that it was most of the ingredients.  So here ya go:  apple cider vinegar, sugar, golden mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.  I’m assuming because it’s called margarita vinaigrette, there’s also some lime and perhaps salt and pepper as well… I’m going to play around with this until I master it – I’m telling you, that dressing is amazing!

The girls ended up staying the night with my mom, so I drove back solo, to spend a quiet evening at home and a relaxing Sunday with Dennis.

Now, let’s jump forward a bit to last night.  Dennis and I made a quick trip up to my mom’s house to retrieve the kiddos and back to the house for an early bedtime.  I knew I needed to run this morning and Dennis(like I said earlier) had to be at work early.  Well, as you may have realized, my run didn’t happen this morning.  Probably because I was up at 3:00 am to sooth a very sick little Meredith.  She unfortunately lost all of what she ate earlier that day(TMI- sorry!) and felt horrible.  I ended up drawing her a bath, and didn’t make it back to bed until almost 4:30, and couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 5:00.  Not the abundance of sleep I had originally planned, but life is good at changing plans.  So, it looks like I will be starting Week 5 on Tuesday instead.  No biggie.  I just hope poor Mer is 100% by Thursday.  We have big plans for her birthday party with friends.  We usually celebrate the girls’ birthdays twice in order to accommodate friends and family.  You may remember her ‘family’ party from this post back in June.  I know she is excited!

Alrighty, I’m off to spend some quality time with the girls- this is the last week before school starts; it’s such a bittersweet time for me!

Enjoy your Monday!



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