A Birthday Weekend + Shopping

Good morning everyone!

I am feeling particularly well this morning- it could have something to do with the fact that I finished my most recent read over the weekend AND I am SO close to finishing Week 4’s workout in FULL.  (yes, that’s a lot of shouty capitals)

If you read Saturday’s post, you know that I am currently re-doing Week 4’s C25k workout.  I simply couldn’t quite complete the last jogging interval without stopping or walking, so I felt like I needed to keep working on it until I felt comfortable.  Not an easy decision.

Workout:  A brisk 5 minute warm up walk, followed by:  3 min of jogging, 90 sec of walking, 5 min of jogging, 2.5 min of walking, 3 min of jogging, 90 sec of walking, and last but not least(and certainly the hardest)5 min of jogging.  Phew!


I started off strong, slowed my pace A LOT on the first 5 minute jog, and ALMOST finished that last 5 minute jog!!  I stopped 30 seconds before the end to walk and wanted to collapse on the grass.  I was just out of steam.  It’s getting so close, so maybe Wednesday I’ll be able to finish without the walking?  We shall see…

Breakfast:  I thawed a frozen whole wheat english muffin, topped it with low fat cheese, 2 fried eggs, and a smidge of black currant jam.  It hit the spot and filled me up.  I also indulged in a small glass of pulpy orange juice.  For some reason it was calling my name this morning-



Over the weekend my little family and I celebrated Colette’s 12th birthday quietly at home.  Meredith spent another night at my mom’s house, so it was just Dennis, Colette, and myself.  Colette received a good bit of money from her grandparents, so we decided a mini-shopping spree to Charming Charlie’s was in order.  They were having a mega sale on all clearance items, and we picked up several jewelry pieces for 80-90% off!  Colette bought an adorable kitty charm necklace and some cross earrings for $4, while I grabbed some gold bracelets to stack, for just over $7.  I love the little enamel bow ones…


After our jewelry binge, we headed to a nearby grocery store to pick up something sweet to celebrate.   After drooling over donuts, cookies, and pastries, I mentioned a Mississippi Mud cake and Colette was sold.  We grabbed a gallon of homemade vanilla ice cream and some Izze sodas as well.  Let’s just say- we were feeling pretty good at that point.




Last night, as I was polishing off the last of the cake, I completed my latest library gem, The Night Circus!


It was an awesome read, so I’ll be sure to fill you guys in as soon as I get a chance.  For now, I’ll leave you with this adorable picture of ‘Bun’ that Colette snapped over the weekend.  He’s such a ham:



Have a fantastic Monday!



6 thoughts on “A Birthday Weekend + Shopping

    • No pain in my knee today, so it may have just been inadequate stretching. However, my right ankle hurt today, which I’m fairly certain is from running around in flip-flops all day Monday and Tuesday. I need to remember to wear better shoes if I’m going to be out on my feet so much- ugh! Thanks for asking:)

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