Week 4- done! (for now)

Hey peeps!

I know it’s later in the day than my normal posts, as well as the fact that it’s Saturday, but here goes…

You're not failing...

As you may remember, I switched Wednesday with Thursday for day 2 of Week 4 of the run challenge.  So that left me with Saturday to complete the week.  Today’s run was… well… it sucked.  I have decided I am stuck on week 4 for now, and will repeat it yet AGAIN- blah.  I am trying not to be down about it, and figure since I don’t have a race day set as of yet, I can afford to take my time and make sure I’m comfortable before I move on to the next week.  Even with that said, it sucks.  I did OK for the entire run until that last darn 5 minutes.  I only ran around 2 minutes of the 5, and was completely exhausted and out of breath.  I was drenched in sweat and felt horrible.  Of course, it didn’t help that I woke up with swollen eyes and a stuffy nose.  I think I have some seasonal allergy stuff going on, and it’s not helping my running game at all.

While I was running that last 5 minute interval, I actual got really upset and asked myself- “why am I even trying?  A 5k must just not be in the cards for me”.    Pity parties are not usually my style, but I felt completely deflated and sad when I got back to the house.  However, I did manage to remember to do some stretching before hopping in the shower and trying to forget what I’d just said.  No worries though, I AM NOT QUITTING.  I will finish this even if it takes a year.  (But just in case, let’s knock on wood and pray this 9 week program doesn’t take that long- haha).

People are not joking when they say running is just as much a mind game as it is a physical feat.  Since starting this Week, I’ve noticed I am constantly checking my phone app to see the time left on the intervals, and really have to push myself to make it those last 30 seconds or so of each interval.  I’ve even found myself making mini-goals, such as:  ‘just make it to the stop sign’ or ‘don’t stop until the edge of that driveway’.  Usually when this happens, I meet those mini-goals, and that sense of accomplishment immediately fuels the next goal, until I realize I’ve completed the interval.  It’s usually more about pushing myself mentally rather than the fact that my legs are too tired.  However, that last 5 minute jog is purely me, out of breath.  It’s getting better though.  I’m not failing, because I’m trying.  <– that may be my new motto.

With all of that said, let’s hope I kick next week’s ass, so I can FINALLY move on to week 5!!  🙂


  • Ever felt like giving up on running?  Do you have a motto that sticks with you and motivates you?
  • If you participated in C25K, did you repeat any of the weekly workouts?

I hope I’m not making a mistake by repeating Week 4 again(believe me it’s not an easy decision- I want to finish!), but I really feel like it should be completed in full, no walking on the jogging intervals.  Any thoughts?

Enjoy your Saturday!






6 thoughts on “Week 4- done! (for now)

  1. When I ran my first 5k, I remember a week before the race realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to run the entire race and that I would probably have to walk. I felt like giving up then, but I had made a commitment to run and I was doing it for a cause dear to my heart, so I did it. I DID walk during that race, but I ran most of it and I finished faster than I had during any of my training runs.

    Have you signed up for a race? I find that having that motivation really helped me. I probably WOULD have stopped if I hadn’t been looking forward to something.

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  3. No race day set yet, but I found an awesome site the other day that lists all the races with times and dates in the Houston area. I just need to pick one, and take the plunge. I guess since I’m a first-timer, I have all of these expectations, but really I need to just relax and realize if I walk it won’t be the end of the world. 🙂

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