Week 4, Day 2 + Food & Fun

Good morning!

Yep, I’m back!  I took yesterday off from blogging, in order to sleep in and hang with the sisters.  We have been staying up until 1:00-1:30 am, having adult bevvies, and acting like a bunch of teenagers, hence the exercise slacking and lack of writing.

Workout:  This morning’s workout was a repeat of Monday’s run, however, today was even worse.  I was up until 1:30 am, forced myself to get up around 7:00, and hit the pavement.  I started off strong, but lost steam in the second round of 3 minute running- again.  I walked the last minute of that round, and the last 1.5 minutes of the last 5 minute jog.  I know, it’s sad.  The main reason for walking in the last 5 minutes, however, was actually because of my left knee.  It began to hurt quite a bit- I’m not sure if it was because I forgot to stretch before my run, or if it’s something else… hopefully not an injury!  Eek!

Breakfast:  Breakfast was an instant packet of apple-cinnamon oatmeal, courtesy of that friendly old oatmeal guy-


Groceries are thinning at my mom’s house, so I may be running to the store in a bit…

Yesterday:  Wednesday was a whirlwind day with LOTS of driving.  It started with an hour long drive to Huntsville, TX to pick Colette up from camp.  She obviously had a fantastic time at camp, and could not stop talking about it.  🙂

On our way back to my mom’s, we stopped in Conroe to have lunch at Chik fil a with my mother in law, Sharon.  Upon her recommendation, I ordered the Asian salad with honey sesame dressing, and I have to say, I loved it!


greens, mandarins, and chicken oh my!

Colette made sure to fill her grandma in on all the details...

Colette made sure to fill her grandma in on all the details…

We had a fun time catching up and stuffing ourselves full of salad, and before we knew it, it was time to hit the road again.


Once the girls and I made it back to the house, we vegged out in front of the tv for some chill time.  That’s when I got the crazy idea that my mom’s dog, Ginger, needed a manicure.  She looked so peaceful lying on the floor, I just couldn’t resist throwing some color on those long nails of hers…


Hot pink suits her

It’s not my best work, but she was lying on her side- not the best position for a mani/pedi…  What’s that old saying?  “Idle hands…”  Yeah, there’s a bit of truth to that. LOL.

I think I must have been really restless at that point, because I soon after suggested a trip to a local bakery around the corner I’ve been dying to try- Rao’s Bakery.  I enjoyed one of their caramel crunch brownies back in February at Shannon’s baby shower, so I knew it was going to be awesome.  And boy was it.


They had rows and rows of baked goodies and french delicacies, but it was the gelato that caught my eye.  I’d never had gelato, so this was a real treat.  After the girls and I tried a handful of flavors we made our decisions and dug in.


I opted for the hazelnut flavor- and it was so. darn. good.  If you’ve never had gelato, it’s less fattening than regular ice cream, it’s not air churned so it’s much creamier, and has a super rich flavor.  Yummy!


The cousins, post sugar.

Good times!  We spent the rest of the evening swimming, and I made everyone salmon patties and asparagus for dinner.  The kids loved them!  Guess I need to write a recipe for those- I always just improvise and eyeball the measurements, so I need to get on that.


  • Ever tried gelato?  Do you prefer ice cream or gelato?

I think I’m definitely a gelato girl now!  The flavors are just so rich and creamy- love it!

I’m off to pick up my mom from the airport shortly.  Enjoy your Thursday!



3 thoughts on “Week 4, Day 2 + Food & Fun

  1. When I don’t get enough sleep, I always feel like I’m pushing extra hard through running. Normally, my legs feel tight during those times, but it always goes away by mile 2. My suggestions are 1) make sure you have a good pair of running shoes. You might not be doing that much running yet, but it’s enough that if your shoes aren’t supporting you the right way, you could be feeling it. And 2) make sure that you are stretching well AFTER you run.

    I love gelato and haven’t had it in ages.

  2. I’m wearing my Nike Free’s 5.0 runners… I love them and they are super comfy, but I’m not sure when to replace them since I’m not a major runner at this point. I think I’ve had them close to 7 months?? Stretching after my run is something I’ve been working on. I usually always stretch before, but in my sleep deprived fog, completely forgot- ugh! Thanks for the tips!

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