Monkey’n Around

Good Morning!

I am still writing from my mom’s computer, pet-sitting and having a good ‘ole time.  Last night was another fun sleepover with my younger sis, Rachel.  I also took Mer to a really fun birthday party, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Workout:  There wasn’t one.  We stayed up until well after midnight, so I opted to sleep in until 8:30(which felt glorious!)  I’m sure I’ll make up for it with some more swimming on the agenda.  🙂

Breakfast:  2 eggs over easy, sprinkled with a bit of Slap Yo Mama, a piece of bacon, strawberry jam on whole wheat toast and a cup of hazelnut coffee from the Keurig(I spelled it wrong yesterday- doh!). 


This picture almost didn’t make it. I was h-angry! (hungry + angry)

Yesterday:  We had so much fun!  After a quick shopping trip to a nearby Aldi store, I grabbed all the fixins’ for a yummy salad, complete with mixed greens, tomato basil feta cheese, smoked chicken, cherry tomatoes, and 3 cheese vinegrette dressing.


Oh, and some garlic hummus with baby carrots on the side.

It was a tasty one!  After lunch, my older sis, Shannon, and her kids came over for a swim.  It wasn’t long before they left and Mer and I had to head up the street to one of Mer’s friends’ 9th birthday party.  It was at an indoor jump place called Monkey Bizness, and the mother of the little girl hired a clown named ‘Harmony’ and her pet monkey ‘Abby’.  Let me just say, they were awesome.  I think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids.  *All pictures are taken with my phone, so the ones I tried to snap of wiggly Mer, didn’t come out:(   This was the closest I could get:


That’s Mer on the right.

Then, it was the adults’ turn…



She was the sweetest little thing.  She drank from a water bottle and snacked on potato chips.  Harmony told us that she sleeps between her and her husband, eats her meals in a high chair, and gets her diaper changed 3-4 times a day.  These types of monkeys can live up to 45 yrs- Abby is 13 yrs.  I think I may need one when the kids move out, haha.  

The birthday party was a fun time, and Mer spent lots of pent up energy climbing ‘rock-walls’ and other crazy contraptions…



As far as tonight goes, Shannon is bringing over some leftover Pear Martini supplies- so it should be a fun one!


  • What was the most fun birthday party you attended as a kid?  As an adult?

I think the most memorable party I attended as a kid was my friend, Ryan’s, birthday party in the third grade.  Her mom made us all  adorable little Halloween themed mums to wear on our shirts, and took us downtown to Hard Rock Cafe for burgers.  After that, we went to a three story haunted mansion.  It was so scary and fun- I’ll never forget it!  My favorite adult party, was probably my dad’s surprise sixtieth party.  I made him a huge cake with a fondant pile of poop on top that read “Crap, you’re old!”.  My older sis put together a slide show featuring my dad from birth to 60, with lots of memorable 60’s and 70’s songs.  We flew my uncle in town for the event, and some of our cousins from Dallas drove in as well.  It was such a fun and memorable time.

Enjoy your Tuesday!






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