Week 3 C25K – Complete!

Good morning everyone!

This morning started bright and early with another difficult run to complete week 3 of the c25k challenge!


Workout:  Today’s run was a repeat of Monday and Wednesday.  A 5 minute brisk warm-up walk, followed by: 90 sec of jogging, 90 sec of walking, 3 min of jogging, and 3 min of walking.  Repeating the intervals twice.


The humidity crept up once again, and my breathing was all over the place once again.  I was so frustrated, even though I wanted to quit and fall over on the last 3 minutes of running, I picked up my pace and finished faster than my last run.  I’m wondering if I should repeat this week since it seems so difficult for me, but I think I’ll try week 4 on Monday and then make that decision.

Breakfast:  I immediately headed for the kitchen and threw together another Breakfast Waffle Pizza.  Mmmmm.


My waffle didn’t quite fill me up this morning, so I poured myself a small bowl of Cheerios on the side.

Yesterday:  Thursday felt like such a busy day.  After running my mom to the airport around 9:00, and swinging by to pick Colette up from a friends’ house, I felt like my day was flying.  By the time I hopped in the shower and threw a little lunch in my belly, it was time to leave for the roller rink.


Sorry, my phone camera doesn’t like dark rooms very well.

We met up with several friends at the rink, and I had a nice time chatting the hours away until it was time to leave around 3:00.


Mer seems to be a natural on the roller blades!


My Colette is the one with one ‘glowing’ eye- haha

True story, my mom AND my grandma both broke their wrists while roller skating years ago.  Luckily, yesterday’s skating didn’t add to that family tradition, but boy was I holding my breath whenever someone fell on their hands… eek!

Once we got home, all I wanted to do was lounge around on the couch and catch up on reading.  I am in the middle of a VERY good book- I’ll tell you more later 😉


In other news:  Colette leaves for her first sleep-away camp tomorrow!  She will be gone for nearly a whole week, and I’m finally starting to freak out just a little bit.  I know she will have a blast and will be surrounded by good people, so I just need to remind myself that my ‘baby’ will be just fine!  They grow up so darn fast!!

After Colette leaves, Mer and I will be heading up to my sister Shannon’s house.  They just bought a new 3D tv and invited us to hang out and catch a 3D flick.  Dennis will be working Saturday, so it’s just me and Mer tomorrow, but he will be joining us at my mom’s house on Sunday for some swimming and bbq.  My sisters and I have decided to split up the days to dog/cat sit at my mom’s house, so there will be a few days of chilling at my mom’s this coming week for Mer and I.


  • Did you guys ever go to sleep-away camp as a kid?  Did you like it?
  • When was the last time you went roller skating?

I never spent any long periods of time away from home on my own.  I was a really shy kid, and became home-sick really easily.  I remember spending two consecutive nights at a friends house when I was in the second grade.  On the second night I started crying and nearly went home.  Luckily I calmed down and stayed, but it was a close one.  I know, I was a total weenie.  As far as skating goes, I can’t even remember the last time I was on skates, but I think it would make a fun date night!

Alrighty, I’m off to shower.   TGIF!!










8 thoughts on “Week 3 C25K – Complete!

  1. I hated sleep away camp when I was young. I went to one for like 2 weeks and wanted to go home every single day. Maybe it has to do with being an only child. I do remember going to Skate King alot. I always had a blast.

  2. I definitely felt like parts of C25K went too fast for me, and I probably would have benefited from adding on a week. Of course I was running a 5K in LESS than the 2 months, so I couldn’t do that. For my training now, I’m doing a great plan that ramps up the mileage slowly, and I can definitely tell the difference.

    I went to sleep away camp once, and it was harder for my mom than it was for me. I was never big into nature or the outdoors (bugs, ew. I told you how I even feel about butterflies), so I didn’t really want to, but the one time I went, I loved it. Colette will do great!

    • Good to know I’m not the only one to feel that way about the speed of the program… I think I am one of the few that never attended sleepaway camp. In my case, it would have been next to impossible, unless my sisters went with me. I was such a baby!

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