Sparkling Water=Soda?

Good morning ya’ll!

Let’s get down to the dirty stuff first-

Workout:  Today’s workout was a repeat of Monday.  A brisk 5 minute warm-up, with 2 reps of the following:  Jog 90 sec, walk 90 sec, Jog 3 min, walk 3 min.  Breathing was hard, as I’m still battling residual drainage from that stinkin’ cold from last week.  Yuck.  I also found myself checking the timer on my C25K app towards the end of the run, happy when the moment finally came that I could walk the last 3 minutes.  I was definitely feeling drained in that last minute of running, and REALLY had to push myself up that darn final hill.  As flat as Houston is, my street just happens to run uphill on a fault line- go figure.  But, oh the satisfaction feels good to see that little check mark on my phone app when all is said and done…  ahhhh.

Breakfast:  I was craving eggs this morning, so I threw a whole grain english muffin in the toaster and fried an egg-over easy- in the ole’ iron skillet.  I sprinkled a little 2% shredded cheese on one half of the muffin, black currant jam on the other, and slapped the egg in the middle.  Sprinkled a little salt on top and mmmm.  Sweet and salty.


Yesterday:  Yesterday afternoon was spent having lunch with my friend Mimi and her 5(yes, 5) kids.  We arrived at Olive Garden around 1:30, and didn’t leave until close to 3:30.  The kids were having so much fun(and being ridiculously loud) and I had a nice time catching up and chatting the afternoon away.  Gotta love that all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks!  I limited myself to 2 breadsticks- but it was NOT easy.  🙂

I also wanted to share last night’s dinner with you guys.  Nothing too special, but oh so tasty and pretty healthy.  Homemade whole wheat taco bowls filled with taco salad:


When I say ‘homemade taco bowl’, I simply took the whole wheat tortillas I bought, sprayed an upside down muffin tin, and placed them in the grooves of the muffin tin.  You can see what I mean here.  My bowls didn’t keep their shape because I didn’t have any dry beans to weigh them down with, but they were so crispy on the edges and warm and chewy in the middle- yum-my!.  I filled them with refried beans, seasoned extra lean ground beef, low fat shredded cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and topped with mashed avacado.  Easy and filling.


Alright, I have a question for you guys- Do you guys drink soda?   Or even diet soda?  I was not raised on soda as a kid.  My parents generally gave us tea or milk for lunch and dinner.  I had the occasional soda on weekends when we went out to eat or on movie nights when we lounged on the living room floor with a bowl of popcorn and a bag of M&Ms.  While my dad was a big Diet Coke drinker, I never could truly latch onto the aspartame aftertaste.  However, I do enjoy a tall glass of icy soda every now and then, especially when we go out to eat(It’s loaded with sugar, I know, but it’s so good).  Well, I’ve been trying to cut out the soda(I ordered unsweetened tea yesterday), but I do miss those fizzy bubbles!  I tried a Zevia (black cherry)soda a couple of weeks ago- it was OK, but it took me by surprise upon first sip- it’s not very sweet, and has a strange aftertaste.  If you’ve never tried plain sparkling water, you’re in for a shock.  It’s got a bitter bite to it.   It takes a lot of sugar to make a soda taste sweet.  Zevia soda uses stevia to sweeten it, which is a slightly different taste than regular white sugar.  After drinking 2 Zevias, I decided I liked it.  Not as much as say, a cold glass of A&W, but it was do-able.  On Monday, I bit the bullet and bought a whole case of La Croix Orange soda.

IMG_1194I hated buying a whole case, but that’s all they sell it as, and I really wanted to try it out.  Well, basically La Croix is flavored water.  It’s not actually soda, and has no sweetener in it at all.  That’s why I was drawn to it- no weird aftertaste.  Upon first sip, my face puckered at the bite of the sparkling water.  It is strange.  But once you take it for what it is- bubbly, orange water, it’s not bad.  I popped some in the refrigerator, and enjoyed an ice cold can last night at dinner- and guess what?  I liked it!  Dennis on the other hand, not too thrilled.  He prefers his sparkling water with a lime and vodka, so this wasn’t his cup of tea- or soda, haha.


  1. Do you drink soda regularly?  
  2. If so, do you drink diet, sparkling, or any other fizzy sodas?  Have you tried Zevia or La Croix?

Alright, I’m off to shower and clean up.  My big sis is coming over for some chill time!  Yay!

Enjoy your Wednesday!







7 thoughts on “Sparkling Water=Soda?

  1. You really do get used to sparkling water (especially something like La Croix) once you drink it more. I can’t STAND just regular seltzer water, so I’m with you on that. To be honest, I’d rather just drink plain, still water and leave it at that vs. drinking club soda/seltzer.

  2. Two breadsticks?! You’re better than me!! I sometimes drink diet soda. My grandparents have one of those machines that makes water taste like soda which is pretty good. The only time I really drink soda is in rum and cokes!!!

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