Museum Outing

This morning’s post is going to be a series of photos from yesterday’s trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  I am not feeling well today, and plan on taking it easy(with the exception of an unfortunately necessary trip to the grocery store).

Breakfast:    I forced myself out of bed at 8:00 am, so that I would have a bit of quiet before the girls were up.  With no appetite, I fixed myself a bowl of blueberry danish oatmeal and ate as much of it as I could stomach.  It tasted great, but I’m just not hungry.


Workout:  I’m hoping the medicine I took will kick in soon and I’ll feel up to a barre workout, but right now, it’s not happening.  My head is POUNDING and I can’t stop sneezing- 😦

Yesterday:  All issues today aside, yesterday was a lot of fun!  The trip started with a quick stop for lunch at a nearby Subway.  Dennis and I split a roasted chicken breast sandwich, while the girls split a BLT.  Mine was topped with tons of yummy veggies and a bit of vinegar and oil- so good!


Colette’s serious pose 🙂

Once our tummies were full, we hopped back on the road and made our way downtown.


Thankfully, it was a Monday, so the museum wasn’t overly packed.  We found a parking spot fairly easily and collected our tickets at the desk.  First stop:  the butterfly exhibit.  Luckily, if you buy tickets for the butterflies, you also get to explore the bug exhibit as well- two for one!



Hissing cockroaches or Cave cockroaches anyone?  Yeah, me neither.


The girls loved the moth and butterfly hatchery.  Some were hatching right before our eyes!




Then it was onto the butterfly exhibit-








If you haven’t been to the butterfly exhibit- I highly recommend!  I’ve been before in the past, but this must be the month to go because we were literally swarmed with butterflies!  It was an amazing sight to see!

After the butterflies, we were back in the main hall to check out the museum’s permanent exhibits.  First up:  Gemstones.

Because who doesn’t need a replica of the human hand made entirely out of quartz…?


The colors on some of the gems were awesome.





I tried to convince Dennis that I needed one of the blue gems above in my living room, but he didn’t seem to think it was necessary.  Gah!

Next it was onto the dino exhibit.  It was located waaay in the back of the museum, and we nearly missed it.  As many times as I’ve been to this museum, I can’t believe I’d never seen it!  It really was incredible!





A shark swallowing a mammoth. Yikes!


As we were leaving the museum, we walked over to Hermann Park to check out the pond and enjoy the breeze…





Photo overload!  I promise that was a huge cutback from the hundred or so I actually took yesterday:)

Hope you enjoyed them; we had such a blast!!

Enjoy your Tuesday!



7 thoughts on “Museum Outing

  1. Great pic of you and the hubby! I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well!! Wanna hear something funny – my first thought was “Oh no, I hope she didn’t catch it from me!” and then I realized, oh yeah, she’s my blog friend and germs can’t be transmitted via internet… 🙂

    Also fun fact, I am TERRIFIED of butterflies. I went to one butterfly exhibit when I was in second grade before I knew about my fear, and my mom had to take me out in tears. I hate the idea of things landing on me. Gosh I’m getting anxious just talking about it.

    Feel better!

    • Oh my gosh, I SWEAR I was thinking the same thing! Haha. I was thinking “Gosh, first Amy and now me? This stuff must be going around..”. Lol.
      I can’t believe you’re scared of bflies! If you are ever in town, I think you should face the fear and visit them. I promise they are sooo gentle! They are Meredith’s obsession.

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