Week 2 of Run Challenge… Done!

Hey everyone!

Workout:  Today’s workout was bright and early- 6:30 am ya’ll!  I started off feeling good and going strong, and felt like yesterday’s rest day paid off in a big way.  But, then about half way through, my legs felt heavy and my breathing was all over the place.  I even got that much-hated side cramp.  Yuck.  It was a sucky run, but I wasn’t quitting or slowing down, and managed to make it back to the house even earlier than yesterday… what the heck?  I think I may just be so frustrated and tired by the end, that I’m charging up the hill to my house in a show of defiance- take that, run!!  haha.  I don’t know, but I for sure need to get that breathing, huffing and puffing under control.  But hey, check this out:

Week 2...check!

Week 2 of C25K…check!

  Breakfast:  Breakfast this morning was another repeat of yesterday, only this time I made the whole recipe and threw in a 1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder and a 1/4 c of cottage cheese.  I felt like my muscles needed the added protein.  Just hope the nauseous feeling doesn’t hit from that powder(I did only use 1/2 a scoop, and the last time I used that brand in pancakes, I was fine.  I guess time will tell…).


I am planning on making a trip up to my mom’s house after I pick up the girls from VBS camp this afternoon, for some swimming and hanging with my mom.  I just want to kick my feet up by the pool and take it easy this weekend after such a busy week.  I can’t wait!  🙂


  • Any big plans this weekend?  Or are you planning for some easy R & R?

Here’s to the freakin’ weekend ya’ll!!!



8 thoughts on “Week 2 of Run Challenge… Done!

  1. I need to make that smoothie. Looks yummy!! Perfect for hot summer days! This weekend, is going to be low key. Going to a festival tomorrow and I need to get a long bike in and a swim. Happy Friday!! 🙂

  2. My group of running Mamas don’t follow a specific running plan, but I’m thinking we should start. It looks like it’d be a really great way to stay disciplined and have goals for each workout rather than just base it off on how we “feel” (because we never feel great during the heat and humidity of July!). Keep up the great work!

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