A Hairy Decision

Good morning everyone!

I am late to the plate this morning, since I opted to sleep in until 7:15(gasp!) and eat breakfast before rushing my kids off to VBS camp for their second day.

Breakfast:  This morning was a rush of dragging kids out of bed and fixing something quick, so I opted for an easy bowl of cinnamon banana oatmeal.  I topped it with a splash of milk and drank my weight in coffee- OK, maybe that last part is an exaggeration;)  I was in such a rush, I forgot to snap a photo, so here’s a recycled photo:


Once the kids were dropped off in their respective places, I headed back home and decided a Denise Austin yoga video was in order.   Since today was a rest day from C25K drills, I decided I needed a good stretch, and yoga always delivers.  Don’t be deceived though, this workout will make you sweat, and if I remember correctly, leave your legs pretty sore the next day.  Guess I’ll find out tomorrow…

I don’t have any crazy plans for the rest of the day, just picking up the kids and maybe hitting the library and the pool.  I desperately need a new library book- because I finally finished Summer Nights!  Yes, it took me seemingly forever to finish that book.  Not because it wasn’t good, but because I never seemed to have enough time to finish more than one or two chapters at a time- which made for a really long read.  I’ll be sure and tell you guys all about it in a review I’ll post later this week.  I’m hoping to get my hands on a Sophie Kinsella book to read next.  I’ve never read any of her books, but I hear they’re a lot of fun.  Plus, I’ve seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I thought it was super cute.  I’ll have to check my library to see what they have in stock…

OK, so you’re probably wondering about the title of today’s post…  Well, here goes- I need to make a decision on whether or not to highlight my hair.  I know, huge right?  I’ve been growing out most of my old highlights for so long, that now it’s mostly well-blended and near my natural haircolor.  Should I go back down that sun-streaked road?  Haha, I know BIG decisions going on over here.  I’m just feeling a little bored I guess.  Do you guys ever get bored with your haircolor or make-up routine?  I’m constantly drawn to the latest nail and lip colors in those fabulous little displays at drug stores.  They lure me in, with their sparkly new packaging and trendy color names, like sunset flame and cotton candy bisque.  I just made those names up, but you know what I’m getting at.  🙂  Anyhow, I guess I might just take the plunge, it’s just hair right?


  • Do you ever make any small changes/tweaks to your everyday make-up or hair routine?  Or are you a stickler for keeping things ‘as is’? 
  • When was the last time you made any major changes to your haircolor or style?  

I guess the last time I cut my hair really short, was when Dennis and I were newly married.  I had it angled towards the front, and really short in the back.  On top of that, I dyed it a medium brown color.  I’ll never forget this guy walked into the place I was working at at the time(he was a regular), and he immediately began lecturing me on how the cut and color ‘just wasn’t working for me’… Nice.  Maybe he was a hairstylist or something, but I couldn’t get over how bluntly rude he was.  I politely told him ‘thanks’ and went on about my business.  I guess hair changes are a BIG deal for some people, whether it’s their hair or not!  Ha!

Alright, I’m off to eat a snack and pick up kids.  Enjoy your Tuesday!



6 thoughts on “A Hairy Decision

  1. I just read a book called “The American Wife” that I really enjoyed. It’s more of a drama than anything like Confessions but if you like stuff like that you might enjoy it too! It was a NY Times Best Seller.

    I recently cut off all of my hair, but normally I neverrrr make changes to my hair routine. I’m super resistant to change haha.

  2. I am known to make drastic changes to my hair. Last year I went from very blonde to very dark. I tried the ombre look too at one point. Overall, I always go back to blonde.

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