Fourth of July: Texas style

Good morning everyone! (or is it afternoon already?)

This morning’s workout was a fun one!  I hopped on my mom’s air bike and chugged along for 4 miles: warming up for 7 minutes, then alternating high speed for 1 minute and brisk speed for 2 minutes until I hit the 4 mile mark.  Then I hopped on the bowflex(I want one!) and did a full arm circuit.  My legs and arms felt like Jell-O, but in a good way!


Breakfast was a fried egg kinda day- with a piece of toast and a strip (or 2) of bacon.  I didn’t take a picture, so here’s a repeat picture to fill the void:


As you all may remember from yesterday’s post, the fourth of July was spent at my sister, Shannon, and her husband, Brent’s house.  Dennis was working downtown at the big fireworks event, so this time it was just me and the girls.  We headed up to my mom’s to meet up and carpool together, and hung out for a bit before it was time to go.  (And I might have goofed off with the camera 😉


We arrived at Shannon’s a little after 4:00 pm.  Brent’s parents- Chuck and Joyce, were there as well as my cousin Jake and his girlfriend, Weiwei.  Rachel and her husband, Harold and their kiddos arrived a bit later.




Shannon, Me, Rachel (oh, and baby David!)

The kids quickly got to work outside on the slip n slide:

PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage4wheelin2

Every picture we tried to take, Brent photobombed!

The night ended with a cool fireworks display courtesy of our hosts:

PicMonkey CollagefireworksSomewhere in between all of that, Shannon and I tye-dyed shirts for the kids to wear the following day at my mom’s house.  I will have blue and red hands for the next three months- awesome 😛  Anywho, I hope you all had a fun 4th, I’d love to hear about it!

Oh, and here’s another inspirational photo to get you moving on the running challenge.  Don’t forget to join me on Monday!!

fitness motivation


Have a fantastic Friday!  TGIF!!





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