It’s Time to Run

Hey guys,

This morning is all about inspiring every beginner runner (including myself) to get out their and run!  But first, let’s see what breakfast looked like this morning.  Since the girls and I have been in and out of the house recently, and plan on leaving again on Thursday, I am currently trying to eat everything perishable so as not to leave a stinky, wasteful mess of my kitchen.  I decided I had more than enough bread and eggs to make ‘Toad In the Holes’ (as my girls call them) or ‘Gas House Eggs” (as my Dad used to call them).  Basically, just a fried egg in the center of a piece of toast.  I’m sure there are other names for this, and I’d love to hear what they are, since the ones I know are so bizarre.  😉


I added an extra fried egg in there to fill me up and topped the ‘Toad in the Hole’ with a drizzle of maple syrup.  It doesn’t look like much, but it tastes sooo good.  And of course, I had a nice hot cup of coffee on the side.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty groggy and sore.  Aside from the circuit I completed yesterday, and the constant swimming and sunshine all day, I just wasn’t feeling up for anything.  However, I am feeling a serious urge for a more structured running plan.  I really want to make the effort to increase my duration and speed.  I was already planning on taking things up a notch on Monday, and after reading so many inspiring blog articles last night, including this one from Pwnrunner and this inspirational bit from Fit for a Year, I think I’m ready.

I used to love to run as a kid, and I still like that rush I get when I chase my kids around the house or out in the yard.  I think most of us enjoy that feeling, we’re just scared to get out there and feel like a failure.  After starting the couch to 5k program last year, I started off feeling weak but gradually began to feel empowered by the improvement.  When my dad passed away from a sudden heart attack in October, I quit running cold turkey, and began having panic attacks.  I was so paranoid that I would over-work my heart, or I would pass out from improper breathing.  I missed the joy of completing a run, but I was too terrified to try it again.  Over time, I began to feel like a failure.  Dennis would ask, “When are you going to start running again?”, and I would get really frustrated with myself and a bit depressed even.  I hated it.  But now, I think I’m ready.  I had a full physical from my doctor, (hey you can’t be too careful;) and I’ve been working my way back into regular exercise for a few months now.  I’ve been taking things slowly and building my confidence back up.  I think it’s time to run.  Wanna join me?

After a bit of online research, I’ve selected a few beginners programs that look pretty promising.  If you guys have any insight on any of these, feel free to comment and let me know. I plan on starting Monday, July 8th.  So I will be posting inspirational quotes until then, to get this party started. 🙂  Here ya go beginners, let’s do this!

Couch to 5K:

This one is a 9 week program that really starts things slow, and focuses on a 3 day a week training plan.  I hear there is also an app to help with timing intervals and keeping track of workouts.  This is the one I will be going with:)

Woman’s Health Magazine Beginner’s walk2run program:

This program is a 6 weeker that isn’t quite as slow as the C25k.   I think you have to be a bit more of an experienced runner to start with this one.  It does have a sign up, so you can receive email reminders, and a forum for encouragement and support.

Runner’s World Beginner’s Running Program:

This sounds like a fabulous program, with dietary details and lots of info.  However, you do have to pay a nominal fee to get started.

Good luck everybody, and let me know if you’ll be joining me on this journey.  We can support eachother!

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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