Surfside Adventures


If you read yesterday’s post, you know that my little family ventured out into the hot, salty air of Surfside, TX on Tuesday morning.  It’s about an hour or so drive to the beach from my house, which is great for the occasional family ‘staycation’.  We get to feel like we’re far from home, but not have to spend a lot of drive time and money on our beach adventures.  Our first stop was a crabbing pier, just a mile or so from the park we planned on spending the majority of our time.


It wasn’t much, just a shabby, wood plank pier.  In fact, it was missing a quite a few planks and at one point Mer stepped into a hole and nearly lost a shoe- poor baby.  Tears fell for a moment, but the excitement of catching a crab overrode that ordeal pretty quickly.

Dennis helped the girls set up their nets with raw chicken legs- yum.

Dennis helped the girls set up their nets with raw chicken legs- yum.

Mer was the first to make a catch!

Mer was the first to make a catch!


Colette came in a close second


Check out those crabby patties! They were actually too small to keep, so we ended up throwing them back in the water. 😦

Once the girls had had their share of crabbing in the stifling heat, we loaded the car and headed over to the park to enjoy our packed lunch of homemade turkey,swiss, and spinach subs, and reapply sunscreen.  At this point, we were already so miserably hot and sweaty- we were soooo ready for the water.


Ahhhh yeah. Much better.

The water felt so good.  It was actually a bit cold, and made us forget all about being hot and sweaty.  There was a great ocean breeze as well and the waves were perfect.  We set up our blessed Easy Up tent(thank you shade!), and spent the rest of the day frolicking in the saltwater, building sandcastles, and just plain relaxing.  DSCN0905-001

Oh, and Dennis took it on himself to clean up the beach by moving all of the larger rocks out of dodge.  Such a gentleman 🙂


After watching a lot of the surrounding kids hopping on boogie boards, Colette was positively convinced that she desperately needed one.  Dennis, being the frugal, thrifty guy that he is, doesn’t give in very easily.  So I was surprised when he disappeared for a bit, and resurfaced with a colorful new boogie board for the girls to ‘surf’ on.

 DSCN0920 DSCN0924-001 DSCN0928-002 DSCN0930 DSCN0934-002 DSCN0945

I’d say that was $20 very well spent.  Although, Colette quickly learned that bikinis and boogie boards don’t mix:


Ouch!  Her tummy and legs took a beating…

While laying in the shade for a bit, I enjoyed watching some pretty awesome surfing skills of fellow beach-goers:


Sorry, no action pics.  All of them came out worse than this one.  That little Nikon doesn’t do distance pictures very well 😦

While Dennis played with the girls for a bit, I took a short walk down the beach to check out some of the fun scenery.  I love small ocean-front towns.

DSCN0949-001 DSCN0951-001

The girls and I love seeing all of the colorful and unique styles of beach front homes.  So on our way out of Surfside, we had fun pointing out our favorites.

The girls and I love seeing all of the colorful and unique styles of beach front homes. So on our way out of Surfside, we had fun pointing out our favorites.


A-frames anyone?


Purple, turquoise and seafoam green…


Check out this nautical-themed abode


Probably our favorite- lime green!

Well, that about wraps up our fun beachy trip!  We had a great time, however, even though we reapplied sunscreen a few times, we still managed to get a bit lobster-ized.  Ugh!  So yes, it was a bit painful getting dressed this morning to head out for a power walk.  I wanted to make it a walk-run, but that just didn’t happen.  I wasn’t loving the heat and sun this morning, so I made it a brisk power walk for around 1.8 miles.

I look like I could fall over any minute...

I look like I could fall over any minute… (recognize that orange top?)

After my walk, I headed inside to shower and make breakfast.  For whatever reason, fried eggs were calling my name, so I threw a couple on the skillet and toasted up some whole wheat bread with a bit of strawberry low sugar jam on top.


And of course a steaming cup of coffee.  Fooood.

Phew, that was a long post.  Hope that didn’t put you to sleep!  🙂

Alright, I’m off to clean house and run a few errands before gymnastics this evening.  Enjoy, your Wednesday!






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  1. I just found your blog!! I love it. You seem like such a cool, kind hearted person! Your posts are fun to read!!

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