Off To The Beach

Good morning!
I am typing this morning’s post from my car as we make our way to the beach!  The girls are beyond excited, I know this because there hasn’t been one single little fight allll morning.  Ahhh.  The peacefulness of happy children….
While I didn’t fit in a workout this morning, I did do my gym class circuit yesterday, and boy are my muscles feelin’ it today!  Those pushups in circuit 3 are killer!!  If you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend you do:).  On a side note: I did change up the grapevines to skaters, as I thought they were a little too easy.
Breakfast was another quick fruit smoothie using my basic smoothie
recipe, but using only blueberries and bananas as the fruit.  Quick, easy, and oh so yummy! 
Alrighty, we are off!  I will check back in later to share pictures of today’s adventures.  Oh, and check out thedeviatedrunner on Instagram for the most up to date photos. 

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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