Fit-wear at T.J.Maxx + Dinner at Willie’s

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine consisted of a little dress-up fun at T.J.Maxx and some pool time at my mom’s house.  Before I get to all of that, let’s talk breakfast.



I think I may have stumbled on something great… Blueberry Danish Oatmeal.  Seriously.  I am a lover of all things sweet and baked i.e. donuts and danish, so this was immediately a winner in my book.  I combined a bit of brown sugar, fresh blueberries, salt, and vanilla yogurt, to create a bit of heaven in a bowl.  I’ll keep playing with this one a bit more(maybe add some cinnamon?) and post the recipe with more exact measurements for you guys soon.

Of course, I had to round out breakfast with a hot cup o’ coffee with girl scout cookie creamer.


So, let’s cut to the fun stuff sha’ll we?  On Saturday, I headed over to one of my favorite bargain stores- T.J.Maxx.  Sure it can be a hit or miss experience, but that’s what makes it so fun.  And you’re always guaranteed a great deal on brand named stuff.  I was on the hunt for some new workout tops, specifically something sleeveless and not so revealing that it couldn’t be worn to the grocery store on a not-so-dressy kinda day.

After scouring the racks for an hour or so, I headed into the fitting rooms to check out my loot.



Yeah, I know I said tops, but I couldn’t help but try on some of the cute capris as well:)  Oh, and you can stop laughing now at my stellar modeling skills- ha ha.  On another hilarious note, I couldn’t get the volume to turn off on my phone, so in the packed (and rather quiet) fitting room, I sounded like a total creep snapping pictures of myself- niiiiice.

I also couldn’t resist trying on an adorable pleather peplum top and lacy floor length dress:


After some looong internal back and forths, I decided on the hot pink striped top and bow-tied charcoal grey capris.  I also picked up a cute striped tank for Colette(for $5!).

Colette’s top ended up being a bit too small, and I decided I didn’t love the pink top as much as I thought- upon further inspection some of the stitching was a bit wonky.  Sooo on Sunday, after heading over to my mom’s house and dropping the girls off, I ran over to the T.J.Maxx on that side of town- and boy was I glad I did!  They had a much better selection, including these adorable tops-(check out the cute braided detail-for under 10 bucks a pop!):


and these cute fitted tops that I couldn’t resist trying on(love the back of the yellow one, but disregard the yellow sports bra I had on under it;):


I ended up with the two braided-back tops(the orange and purple) because they felt so great on, and fit so long on my torso.   I also found Colette an adorable replacement top that fit her perfectly.  Yay for great and cheap finds!

After all that dress-up fun, I headed back to my mom’s for some swimming and relaxation.  My sister Shannon, brought her 3 kiddos over as well, and it was a happy mad-house, of splash-happy kids.

For dinner, my mom suggested we head over to Willie’s Ice House.  I had never been to Willie’s, but it was your typical ice house, with a laid-back atmosphere and mixed menu.  I ordered the blackened fish tacos, which were pretty darn yummy.


They came with a side of spanish rice and some very spicy red sauce.  Oh, and a freakin’ ton of tortilla chips.  I also ordered a side garden salad.  Not very impressive, but refreshing nonetheless.



me and my momma:)

You can’t complain about a restaurant where your kids can do this in between dinner and dessert:IMAG0608

But rest assured, they were back to the table in a flash when THIS arrived:

Meredith and I split the 'Wonka'- an ice cream topped brownie with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Meredith and I split the ‘Wonka’- an ice cream topped brownie with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

My mom and Colette split the peach cobbler topped with ice cream.

My mom and Colette split the peach cobbler topped with ice cream.

While we were rolling ourselves back to the car, Meredith suggested we head across the street to Baskin Robbins ice cream- my kids must have hollow legs… I don’t know where/how they can put so much food away!  And no, we did not head over to Baskin Robbins, much to Meredith’s disappointment.

We stayed at my mom’s house chatting until after dark, before making the 30 minute drive back home.  It was another fun weekend on the books!

Now I’m off to wake up my kiddos and hit a circuit workout.  I have some grocery shopping to do and some laundry- oh joy!

Enjoy your Monday!





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