Very Basic Vanilla-Berry Smoothie

Gooooood morning!

Today I wanted to share a quick breakfast recipe, a healthy berry smoothie.  I’m sure a lot of you have made smoothies before, but if any of you are like me, it’s not always easy guessing the measurements and playing with ingredients when you don’t have a lot of time.  And by not a lot of time, I mean I’m starving and the evil hungry monster is coming out to attack innocent bystanders:)

So, since I decided to take a rest day and had some extra time before the kids were up, I did a little playing around. I think I’ve come up with a very basic recipe, that you can build on easily.  This particular smoothie has blueberries, strawberries, and a banana as it’s fruit base, but you can easily switch those out for just about any other fruit combo:  strawberry-peach, blueberry-banana, mango-papaya… you get the picture.  I’m definitely going to be playing around with this a bit more, the possibilities are endless!  Doesn’t an avacado-chocolate-mint smoothie sound divine?  That may be my next trial.  As someone who for whatever reason cannot handle whey protein shakes(not sure why, as this smoothie has dairy..?), this smoothie gives me my cold, creamy, fruity fix that I miss.  A handful of fresh spinach leaves would also pack some extra nutrients to really kick this smoothie up a notch- I was just working with what I had this morning.

First, just toss in your fresh and frozen fruit, along with a half cup of yogurt into a blender.


Top off with a cup of almond milk, a bit of ground flaxseed, and fiber powder(optional)  and you’re good to go.





This actually makes a bit more than shown in the above picture, but I divided the goodness amongst myself and my oldest kiddo.  Hope you enjoy it!  Oh, and fill me in on any smoothie recipes you’d like to share- I’m all ears!











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