Dad’s Day + Anniversary Party


Hope everyone had a fantastic Father’s day weekend.  Father’s day around here was pretty low-key.  We kicked off the weekend with some swimming with friends.



Mer seriously held her own while playing ‘king of the hill’.

Saturday was spent shuffling kids back and forth to sleepovers and shopping for Dennis- the mall parking lot was a nightmare!  The girls and I ended up buying Dennis a pack of boxer briefs(haha) and they each pitched in their artsy abilities to make him a Father’s day card.

fathrs day collage


This was the first Father’s day I’ve experienced without my dad.  I miss him so much, and the day just didn’t feel right without him.  I know we would have spent our afternoon eating Mexican food and laughing over margaritas if he was still with us.  My sister Shannon, actually sent me a text saying exactly that- we knew him well!  ♥ U Dad!

Sunday was spent making an anniversary cake for our dear friends, Connie and Mike.   They both work in the same office as Dennis and Connie also gives piano lessons to Colette and Meredith.  Thirty years is the ‘pearl’ anniversary, and I wanted to make something special for the both of them.  So, around 6:30 we packed our little family in the car and headed over to Mike and Connie’s to celebrate!

Connie and Mike
Connie and Mike


There was lots of piano and violin music played(including 2 pieces played by my kiddos) and a toast as well.   Oh, and the Italian themed spread of wines, cheeses, fruit, and breads was AMAZING.



Mer playing "Ode to Joy"

Mer playing “Ode to Joy”



Everyone had a great time, and around 9:00 pm the girls were ready to head home and jump in bed.  They were exhausted.

Unfortunately, around 3:00 am this morning, Mer was pretty sick(she’d been complaining of a tummy ache earlier), so it was a pretty late wake up this morning.  I didn’t roll out of bed until after 9:00 am, which is pretty late for me.  I’m thinking a living room circuit video is in order.  I did fix myself a nice warm bowl of cinnamon spice oats for breakfast and a much-needed cup of coffee.  I let Mer sleep in- she needed it, poor baby.  😦

Hope you all had a fun-filled weekend!

Enjoy your Monday,








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