Summer Lovin’

Before I head into yesterday’s adventures, let’s talk about today’s workout and breakfast.

Today’s workout was a walk/run.  I didn’t actually leave the house until 8:00 am, and it was already so miserably hot.  The humidity was killer.  I managed 1.8 miles with a 13 min/mile average.  I tracked my run using the Runkeeper app for Android, but it didn’t save for whatever reason, so no picture:(  This exhausted one of me after the fact will have to do:)

Houston humidity= collapsing on the living room floor.

Houston humidity= collapsing on the living room floor.

On to breakfast… This morning, I planned a special little treat for Dennis and myself- Bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Ohhh yeah.

Ohhh yeah.


If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do.  If you’ve never bought it, be prepared to spend some $.  For 4 oz. of smoked salmon, I spent just over $4.00!  It’s certainly not something I’ll be doing every week(or even every month!) but this was in honor of a special occasion- this time last year, Dennis and I were lying on the white sandy beaches of Ochos Rios, Jamaica in celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary!  While our anniversary was actually on March 12th, we waited until the summer hit to take our vacation.  We stayed at the Jewel Dunn River Resort and had an AMAZING time.


2978889374fe386a1214135.71146412 (1)

(Those are a couple of the proofs from the resort photo center… someday I’ll actually order some prints, sigh.  -procrastinator!)

I would love to go back someday.  If you’re wondering what in the heck smoked salmon has to do with Jamaica, allow me to explain.  Every morning in Jamaica, Dennis and I would head over to the breakfast buffet at our resort.  It was loaded with some of the most amazing breakfast delicacies you could imagine, including traditional Jamaican cuisine.  This was the first time the both of us had ever tried smoked salmon with cream cheese and we absolutely fell in love.  I think we ate that every morning, along with about 50 pounds of pancakes, pastries, eggs, bacon… okay you get the picture.  Ahhhh, the memories…


Back to reality… So yesterday ended up being fairly productive.  The girls and I made a quick run to the library to return a couple books and scavenge for something new.  I searched high and low for anything I’d read about in recent book reviews or in magazines, but sadly came up empty handed.  Big lesson learned:  always pre-order on the library’s online wait list to have books sent to my library, as my library seems to have NOTHING.  Well, after seeing my kiddos randomly grab books off of the shelves and throw them in their ‘get’ piles, I decided what the heck?  I can randomly grab a book too… I don’t have to have books with recommendations, I can pick out a book All. By. My. Self.   Well let me tell ya, it’s not so easy just grabbing any ‘ole book off the shelf- you really gotta judge a book by it’s cover;)  In the end, I decided on a fun looking summer read:  Summer Nights by Allie Spencer.


If any of you have read it, let me know.  I love a good summer romance, so let’s hope this one pans out.

After the library, we headed back home and raided the kitchen for a little late afternoon pick-me-up.


Red bell peppers and roasted garlic hummus- mmmm.

While the girls started skimming through their books, I got on a project I’d been putting off since we got back from my mom’s house on Monday- behold, The Chandelier.  IMG_0635

Meredith received this adorable chandelier from my mom last weekend as a birthday gift, and I have been trying to figure out how in the heck to hang the darn thing in her room.  Her bed has a gauzy net over it, and I wanted to showcase it inside of the net.  I’d been dreading it, but it actually only took around 30 minutes to hang.  I simply cut a small hole in the top of the net, and slid the cord and chain through the hole and ran it down the back of the netting/wall.  Then, I ran a wire through the ring holding the net up and the chain to secure it all to the ceiling.  Got all that?  I think it turned out pretty cute, if you can get past the messy bed- (you don’t even want to see the rest of the room- yikes!)


Anywho, after all of that chandelier hanging, I decided to get a move on dinner- taco night!  My kids love taco night, so I’m trying to add little ways to make it slightly healthier without changing the awesomeness of it all.  I could have used ground turkey or chicken to make it that much healthier, but I opted for 96% lean beef.  I always buy low fat shredded cheeses, and I make pico de gallo from scratch.  Pico is a super easy way to throw in a lot of veggies and color to an otherwise bland meal.

  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/2 white onion
  • 1/2 cup cilantro
  • 1/2 of 1 jalepeno (remove most of the seeds)
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • pinch of salt

Dice the first five ingredients and toss with the lime juice and salt- yummy!

I switched out our normal cheapy corn tortillas, for some extra whole grain corn tortillas-


Sixteen grams of whole grains per serving is pretty darn good!  Plus, the five grams of fiber sold me.  They had a slightly tougher texture, but otherwise tasted just like a normal corn taco shell- that spells winner in my book!

Chobani plain greek yogurt became our ‘sour cream’ for the night- they taste virtually the same.  In fact, Colette told me she likes the yogurt better, hurray for healthy choices!


Mmmm, check out that taco goodness-IMG_0648

Our tacos were served up alongside a heaping scoop of refried black beans and were devoured in no time at all.  We love taco night!

Now I’m off to grab some kiddos from my friend’s house to take with mine to the pool.  We need to expend some energy around here.

Enjoy your Friday!



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