Cookie Coffee

Guten Morgen!  (How about a little German this morning?)

Today’s breakfast consisted of a veggie omelette(a la Dennis) with a bit of goat cheese mixed in and a side strip of center cut bacon.

IMG_0588And of course, a hot mug of coffee.  Ah, but something was different… I added a new creamer:


I told you I was a cookie monster didn't I?

I told you I was a cookie monster didn’t I?

Yes, even though I have tummy issues with dairy on occasion, I simply could NOT resist trying Girl Scout cookie creamer(they also sell a thin mint version!)  I am a self proclaimed Cookie Monster!  Seriously, if cookies are in the house, without a doubt, I will eat them.  Which leads me to my next question, what is the one indulgence you can’t resist?  I’m a die-hard cookie junkie, so I try not to buy them every time I go shopping, but boy do I love those pre-cut refrigerated packages of chocolate chip cookie goodness… mmmm.

Alright, now to burn off some of those cookies… I didn’t feel like running this morning, so ate breakfast with Dennis and took the risk of waiting until the girls were up (and my food was settled) to do a yoga vid.  This particular workout was an oldie but a goodie:

I actually own this dvd, but didn’t realize it was the same workout until a couple minutes in- oh well.  It’s a great yoga workout for beginners, and will definitely make ya sweat.


I felt like a total dork asking Colette to snap the above picture for me- the things I do for this blog!  Haha.

After partaking in the yoga video, Meredith handed me this, she’s so sweet.


Actually, she’s trying to work her momma to death!  haha.  She very sweetly made me a custom yoga workout sheet to follow- it looks pretty tough, so I may have to wait until I become a little more advanced in the yoga world.  We shall see…  I love that kid 🙂

Alrighty, I’m off to the library.  I need a new book to read and the girls are antsy.

Enjoy your Thursday!



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