A Birthday + Date Night

Good afternoon!
I’m typing this post while lounging lazily at my mom’s house watching the girls catch some swim time before the rain hits. Yesterday was a whirlwind of fun, so let’s start from the beginning shall we?
Saturday morning began with a 7:30 wake up call to hit the pavement.

It heated up pretty quickly, and I was a sweaty mess when I made it back to the house. I decided Henry needed a walk and took him out for a little stroll. He seemed slightly confused when we didn’t head all the way to the stop sign(our usual school bus stop). He kept trying to drag me down all the way to the end, looking completely annoyed.

Let's go this way already- jeez.

Let’s go this way already- jeez.

Fine, we'll go your way.

Fine, we’ll go your way.

After his walk, I woke the girls up and fixed a quick oatmeal bowl for myself(cereal for them).
It was a simple bowl of quick oats, mixed with a scoop of pureed pumpkin and almond butter- my new favorite flavor combo. I threw in a sprinkle of brown sugar and a pinch of salt and dug in! Mmmmmm.
Once Dennis made it back home from his tennis match, we loaded our little family in the car and headed over to my mom’s house to drop the dog off and make our way to Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt to celebrate Meredith’s eighth birthday!


What a goofballDSCN0739

Our family loves fro-yo, and this place seems to have a pretty great selection of flavors.  I was a little disappointed that they no longer carried the peanut butter syrup, but we certainly made do with all of the other amazing toppings they offered.  Both of my sisters, Shannon and Rachel, came with their kiddos, and Rachel’s husband Harold was there as well.  Shannon’s hubby, Brent, stayed home to help unpack- they just moved into a new house this weekend!  Dennis’ sister, Jenny, and her boys came as well as Dennis’ mom and my mom.  My cousin Jake and his girlfriend Weiwei were also in attendance- it was a full house!

collage1PicMonkey Collage5collage2PicMonkey Collage6PicMonkey Collage4Yep, we were a bit sugared up.  It was a fun time, and I know Meredith had a blast.  We love that little munchkin!

After the party, we headed back to my mom’s house to drop the girls off and visit some more with my sistas, before heading out again for Date Night!!  I bought a groupon last week for an evening of bowling and food at Itz, an indoor arcade, bowling, and pizza buffet.  Jake and Weiwie doubled with us, and we had a blast.


The buffet was pretty darn good, and we loaded our plates up- feeding time!

Yummy, yummy...

Yummy, yummy…

Then, we were off to grab some shoes and hit the lanes…

Gotta love the awesome shoe attire!

Gotta love the awesome shoe attire!

Luckily, we all sucked at bowling, so there were no worries when we began ordering drinks.  In fact, I think they helped my game!  I even got a strike!!


Texas Tea time...

Texas Tea time…




Then things just started gettin’ silly…

PicMonkey Collage8

Once we had our fill of bowling, we hit the buffet one last time for a quick slice of pizza and headed over to Old City Pub for some pool and foosball.  Oh, and more drinks may have been consumed.

I think I may be a foosball champion! haha

Around 12:30 am we headed back to my mom’s house, so we could all get some much needed sleep.  Needless to say, it was not an early rise this morning.  We drug ourselves out of bed around 8:45 am for an easy day of lounging and hanging out with my mom.   We don’t have anything planned aside from maybe a visit to my sister’s new house.  Hooray for a fun weekend with the family!

What did you do this weekend?  A date night perhaps?  Or maybe just an awesome quiet night in?  Let me know, I’d love to hear all about it!

Hope you have a great Sunday, and are surrounded by the ones you love.






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