Lazy days of Summer

So I took the girls swimming, but I think more playing was done rather than actual exercising on my part.  Meredith clung to me the entire time and begged me to play dolphins with her.  I grudgingly accepted, and spent most of my time flailing in and out of the water carrying a ‘baby dolphin’ on my back.  Yep, that baby dolphin was in fact a 40-something pound, almost third grader clutching my back whilst screaming “let’s do that again!”  While I’m exhausted, I don’t think I actually got my heart rate up too high.   I won’t be sleeping in tomorrow; exercise has to happen before the kids wake up or it simply doesn’t get done… le sigh.

So, on that note, I’ll leave you with this precious picture of our cat, Salty.  She’s an old lady(14 yrs to be exact) and an indoors only cat.  But during the warmer months, my oldest treats her to the occasional walk outside.  She loves to roll around on the dirty front porch- crazy old lady.  Oh, and bonus points if you can spot the jealous little boy kitty spying on Salt from the window.   Boy, this picture just screams ‘lazy summer day’ to me.  Enjoy:






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