Fun In The Sun

Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to check in and fill you all in on a crazy Wednesday…

At our neighborhood’s elementary school, we have a little tradition we call ‘Boogie down’.  They have the graduating fifth graders run down the main street of the neighborhood, while evil spectators(myself included) pelt them with water balloons, water guns, and hoses.  It’s a blast and everyone has such a great time.  It’s really more of a giant block party where everyone, including adults, can get in on a little childish fun.  School lets out early on the last day, so it was around 11:30ish when we arrived ready to attack.  It was HOT.  Dennis and the girls got in on the action a little early, but I didn’t mind, because the water felt great.

DSCN0684Fill ‘er up!

Glad I brought the waterproof camera!

Glad I brought the waterproof camera!

DSCN0673Suddenly battle was declared by the opposing side of the street, and all out mayhem began.  It was brutal and merciless.  Many a balloon were burst in the faces of young, innocent children.  Okay, maybe they weren’t so innocent, but you get the drift.

This is War!!!

This is War!!!


DSCN0683And then, the fifth graders came…



We got ’em good.  (insert evil chuckle)  After things wrapped up, Dennis had to get rid of some leftover water…


I mean, we couldn’t have that stuff sloshing around in my car, right?  However, I think he enjoyed that a little too much. Te he he.

After all of the fun, I drove the girls to various pool parties with friends and made the last trek back home around 5:30 pm.  We are beat.  I’m planning on a quickie meal in the form of fast food, and a long luxurious night’s sleep.  Not the healthiest option, but it will have to do for tonight.

I’ll check back in tomorrow with a new recipe from the latest library book I have checked out- It’s All Good by Gwenyth Paltrow.  Until then, have a relaxing Wednesday evening.  🙂



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