Gym Class Circuit Workout

Good morning!

Hope your Tuesday is running smoothly for you.  Mine is going to be another rushed day of running around like a headless chicken, so I’m going to run through the latest tidbits pretty quickly.  I haven’t posted since last Friday, so I’ll pick up from there.

Friday was Meredith’s teacher’s baby shower, which was a lot of fun and full of pink!  Baby Jenna will be born sometime within the next two months, and I know the expectant parents are thrilled to add to their growing clan.  I didn’t take any photos of the actual shower, because I didn’t know if everyone would appreciate being featured on my blog, but I took a picture of myself getting ready.  I’m still new at taking selfies, so excuse the giant, awkward hand in the picture(yep, I’m a dork):



Alrighty then, onto the weekend.  The weekend was actually pretty relaxing, mostly just some tidying up around the house and arranging a few play dates.  It did consist of a lot of food.  I will now insert the gratuitous foodie collage:



Did you notice those oh-so-delicious Shipley’s donuts thrown in there?  They are the jam.  Historical fact:  When I was around 8 yrs old, I could consume between 8-10 Shipley’s donuts in a sitting and still function as a normal child the rest of the day, oh, and not gain a single pound.  I was as thin as a rail.  However, nowadays, (for instance this past weekend) I can consume 2 donuts and feel like a bloated whale the rest of the day, not wanting to do much and not being hungry for lunch or dinner.  Seriously.  I had to force myself to eat lunch and dinner.  Those donuts sat like a rock in my stomach all day.  Ugh.  They are tasty though!  I just can’t eat more than one as a treat, or I’ll pay dearly for it…

Moving on.  Breakfast this morning looked like this:


A blueberry bagel half, with melted cheese and a fried egg on top- mmmmm.  I love a good bagelwich!  Oh, and of course, a hot mug of coffee on the side.  Must. Have. Caffeine.

Now for my circuit workout!  Yesterday, after breakfast, I squeezed in a quick 30 minute circuit workout- that I made up myself!  I wanted something fun, entertaining and kind of elementary-gym-style ( I guess after running up to Meredith’s school 50 million times this past week has made me nostalgic).    I incorporated Meredith’s hula hoop and jump rope, but you can easily mimic those movements without the equipment.  I actually marched/jogged in place for 10 minutes before the circuit to warm up, and completed 4 rounds of movements for an easier/beginner workout.  That’s the beauty of circuits, you can customize them to your fitness needs and likings.  This one left my muscles sore this morning; it’s for real ya’ll!                   So without further ado, here’s the Gym Class Circuit Workout!  Enjoy and let me know what you think.  I’m always open to suggestions!

Gym Class Circuit

I’m off to do a little yoga, and get started on the rest of my day.  We are celebrating Meredith’s birthday at school today, so I need to put together a little goodie for the class.  Enjoy your Tuesday!



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