Sweatin’ to the Not so Oldies


Just wanted to pop back in to give you the run-down for the day…

I completed a (very) sweaty 30 minute walk/run today- I actually ran a little more than the last time, progress!!

I'm smiling, but I'm hot as hell...

My lips are smiling, but my body’s ready to pass out

Even the road worker guy directing traffic at the end of my street was cheering me on 🙂    He made the running motion with his hands and feet and gave me the thumbs up- ha, guess they are paying attention.  Oh well, it’s a challenge now, I will run longer next time!

In case you were wondering what the post title meant, I wanted to touch a bit on playlists.  Without music in my ears while walking, running, stretching, whatever- I think it would be sooo difficult.  Music pushes me, especially fun, beat pumping songs while running.  It’s a must.  Right now, since I’m in a beginner’s fast-paced-walk phase, I’m really digging my Phoenix station on Pandora.  I love that station!  It’s the perfect mix of songs with a steady beat and quick bursts for picking up the pace during my walks.  For full on running however, I think I prefer more of a dance/pop station.  Something that makes me want to drop it likes it’s hot.. well, you get what I mean.  What’s your favorite station?   What’s on your playlist?  I love that Icona Pop song “I Love It“… gets me every time.

Alright, I’m going to go shower, eat some lunch,  and get moving.  I have a little leo shopping for Meredith to do today- for those of you who are wondering, leo means leotard in dance-talk, ya, I’m a cool mom like that.  The girls have a rhythmic gymnastics recital today, so I wanted to see if I could find something fun for her to wear, although this is a pretty laid back class, so there is no dress requirement.   I’ll fill you in on all the details tomorrow- enjoy the rest of your day,



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