Whey protein vs. Soy protein?

So many things to tell you guys, where to start?… breakfast I suppose.

I forgot to take pictures this morning, but it’s not a hard one to imagine- two over easy eggs, a strip of bacon, and a piece of toast with cherry jam.  Oh, and of course a cup of coffee to get myself movin’.

As for Thursday, well I’ll write that one down as a rest day.  Although there was certainly no ‘resting’ going on.  I spent most of my morning in the kitchen working on cake-making business for my friend Mimi’s daughter’s birthday.


I made a lot of progress, and it should be a breeze to complete tomorrow on the day of the party (I hope!)

The afternoon was spent preparing dinner (a spagetti bake) that I could just pop in the oven as soon as we got back from my oldest kiddos’ awards ceremony at her school.  I’m very proud of her!  Each of the sixth grade teachers gave out two awards for students that showed dedication, character, and kept high grades.  Colette’s language arts teacher chose her as one of her recipients.  Yay!



As soon as it was over, we were starving, and rushed home to throw dinner in the oven while the girls finished last minute homework.  So like I said, while I didn’t get a workout in, I was definitely not sitting still 🙂

To back-track a little, I should fill you in on Wednesday’s post-workout ordeal.   After I finished blogging about my walk/run, I decided to make myself a protein shake for lunch.  I used Jay Robb’s whey Tropical dreamsicle powder, a frozen banana, a cup of milk, and a handful of spinach.  It tasted fine (really tasty actually), but about 2 minutes in, my stomach began to hurt and I became completely nauseated.  It was the same sensation I had last week, while drinking a chocolate whey protein shake, but much worse.  I ended up sitting on the couch for an hour, praying my stomach would settle.  I’ve always had some milk issues, but this was unbearable.  I think that that was the last whey shake I’ll ever drink, which is very sad- they taste so good!  😦  Maybe I can switch to soy?   Are soy protein shakes equally as tasty?  Are they safe for women to drink on a regular basis?  Any info on this topic would be greatly appreciated.  Guess I have some research to do.

Alright, well, I’m off to get my workout on- I’m thinking the circuit workout I did on Monday sounds good.  Gotta get those legs movin’! In the meantime enjoy these goofy pictures Colette and I took last night(what can I say, we were having fun):

This could be a horror movie snapshot

This could be a horror movie snapshot




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