Lunch, A book, and Sprinkles Oh My!

Phew!  I’ve had a rather productive day.  Let’s start with lunch…


I was definitely hungry after all that yoga and only Cheerios for breakfast 🙂

I warmed up a leftover baked pork steak alongside a spinach salad, a toasted whole wheat Thomas English muffin topped with cherry jam, and low fat cheese stick. (I didn’t get around to eating the cheese in the end, I was stuffed!)

After lunch, I hit the local Houston public library to pick up this baby:

The Host!

The Host!

I cannot wait to get started on it!  I have really grown a passion for reading again (my favorite recently being “What Alice Forgot”) and I’ve been eyeing this one for a while.  I just hope I can finish it in the two weeks allotted, with all of the end of school activities going on- it seems as though there’s something going on every night- yikes!  To add to my anxiety, Meredith jumped off the bus this afternoon and proudly proclaimed that there are only 10 days left!  What am I going to do with these kiddos all summer?  I don’t think I will be getting much reading done.  Oh boy…

On my way home from the library, I stopped in Hobby Lobby to check out possible toppings for the birthday cake I’m making.  I could stay in that store ALL day…

So much fun!

So much fun!

Seriously.  I love all things crafty, and that cake isle alone is enough to keep me in there an hour… or two.  But my true weakness… is ribbon.  I’m not sure why, or how it started, but I freakin’ love ribbon.  I have a collection, and rarely ever use them.  I used to make hair bows for the girls, but that stopped around the time Colette hit the third grade and I haven’t really touched them since.  But I still feel compelled to peruse the isle and maybe come home with a spool or two.  Metallic polka dot hot pink ribbon anyone?  I have problems…

Well, my munchkin is home, raiding the pantry, so I’m going to go spend some quality time with her.  Enjoy your Tuesday!



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