Meal Planning

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everybody had a fun and productive weekend, or just fun and relaxing…

Well, it’s Monday, so it’s meal planning day- gwa, gwa, gwaaaa.  Can you tell I don’t like this part of my job?  It’s not that it’s stressful or even all that difficult; it just takes a lot of research to come up with something new that won’t taste like dogfood.

Hey, some of us REALLY like spagetti!

Hey, what’s wrong with dogfood?

You can’t trust Pepper, she’ll eat ANYTHING…

Anywho, if I find anything of interest online, that looks tasty AND healthy, I will definitely post it for all of you to try.

Now, let’s back track a bit, shall we?  I tried a little something new for breakfast (well, new for me), -applesauce cinnamon oatmeal.  I’ve always loved the pre-made instant packets of flavored oatmeal, but I rarely buy that anymore, opting to make my own varieties with wholesome high fiber, less sugar ingredients.  However, since today is Monday, I have almost no food left in my house due to pantry-raiding children and hungry husband.  So, after some digging, I threw together the following:

  • a shake of pumpkin pie spice
  • a tsp of brown sugar
  • approx 3/4 c of quick oats
  • a half of a cinnamon applesauce cup
  • and a sprinkle of salt (makes it taste soooo much better)


I added a little water and microwaved it a minute, until soft and hot.  Note- next time, I won’t add the sugar, the applesauce was sweet enough on it’s own.  But overall, I liked it!

Alongside a steamin' cup of coffee to start the day

Alongside a steamin’ cup of coffee to start the day

Once that was settled, I decided I was in the mood for more of a full body circuit style workout today.  So, I hopped on my laptop to dig up some Youtube workouts that looked promising.  I stumbled upon efit30.  It’s a 30 minute, total body workout for beginners, and it was tough!  I connected my laptop to the TV and worked out right in my living room!  Love that.  I have to say, 12 minutes in, I was huffing and puffing- wow.

Total Body Workout 4, Cardio, sculpt and tone fitness, Full 30 mins - YouTube - Google Chrome 5202013 120548 PM


Disclaimer- I don’t know these guys, I wasn’t paid anything to say this- I just liked their workout!

Alrighty, well I’m off to make a list for the grocery store and finish picking up from the weekend tornados (aka, my children).

Later 🙂



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