Sore Legs

I’mmmm baaack!

Today’s workout consisted of a quick 30 minute power walk through my neighborhood.

Honey, it's hot!

        Honey, it’s hot!

I didn’t make it outside until nearly 11:30, and boy has the humidity and temps in Houston gone up!  I was a sweaty mess in no time.  I guess it’s time to switch my workouts to the early morning.   :/  In addition to my stickiness, I realized just how sore my legs were from yesterdays’ jog/walk… they HURT.  After being a potato for so long, my muscles have really given up.  I’m definitely going to have to ease them in and give them time to adjust.

After my walk, I was HUNGRY!  All that sweating worked up an appetite.  I immediately grabbed a strawberry yogurt cup and dug in-

IMAG0310 (2)


Then I fixed myself a bowl of fresh green baby spinach (I must be on a spinach kick?) and topped it with leftover baked salmon from last night and Bolthouse yogurt ceasar dressing.  I don’t know where that dressing has been all my life, but it is a winner!

IMAG0311 (2)


I also grabbed a handful of peanut butter lover’s trailmix, to kick my sugar craving.

Peanut butter+Chocolate= Amazingness!

Peanut butter+Chocolate=

Somebody however, was not impressed.

Just give me some kibble, OK?

Just give me some kibble, OK?

Guess you can’t please everyone.  🙂  Alright, well I’m off to shower and pick up my munchkins from the bus stop… we have BIG plans for tonight’s family fun night, I’ll fill you in tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend!




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