Hello and Welcome!!

Or should I say, “Howdy?”  My name is Amy.  I’m a 33 yr old mom to two girls, and wife to my high school sweetheart.  We live in hot, humid Houston, Texas, in a tiny little old house with a dog, two cats, and two rats.  Yep, rats.

When trying to think of a name for my blog, I knew I wanted something that would convey my desire to run, but also something catchy and uniquely me.  My husband, Dennis, then chimed in, “How about, The Deviated Runner?”  Ah yes, a slight jab at my problematic breathing while running.  Har, har.

You see, I have a slightly smaller nostril on one side (TMI?  Sorry!) that I swear causes me to breathe in less sufficiently while running.  I struggle with shallow breathing during workouts, which is surely not because I am out of shape… 😉  So, even with all of my other awesome ideas for names (Too Legit to Quit, anyone?) the name, The Deviated Runner, stuck.   I think it has a ring to it, no?

I digress.

What I’m truly hoping to achieve, is a documentation of my workouts and recipes on here, as well as sharing tidbits about my personal life and family.  We are a goofy crew!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I’m sure I will, and feel free to leave comments below.  Thanks!


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