A not so early post…

So, I’m a little late on my post this morning (sorry!), but I’m still trying to learn all the ropes in the land of WordPress.  Who knew there would be so much new vocabulary to learn?  Widgets and gravatars anyone?  Ok, maybe I’m just late on all of this web-speak.  I can’t be the only one right?  Maybe so.

Let’s start with breakfast shall we?  It was a pretty typical morning in our house.  Dennis chopped up some yummy veggies, including: onions, mushrooms, and fresh baby spinach.  He sauteed them with a little pork sausage, threw in the eggs, and scrambled everything together.  I tossed in a little low fat shredded cheddar, and wrapped it up in a whole wheat tortilla- yum!

             Tasty fuel!

Tasty fuel!

Oh, and a hot mug of joe, with a bit of natural bliss chocolate creamer to kick it up a notch.

       Mmmm, coffee...

Mmmm, coffee…

I’m hoping to squeeze a late power walk in today before lunch, so I’ll definitely check back in with you guys to record my progress.  First things first, dishes, laundry, dishes, and more laundry!  Check back with you all in a bit!


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